Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Darfur jihad continues...

12 year old Darfur rape victim

The Sudan continues to resist any UN peacekeepers or international presence in Darfur to put a stop to the jihad being waged there with the express assistance of the Sudan's government.

The US criticized the Sudan's continued stonewalling, of course, calling it "not acceptable to the international community."

This comes at the end of a full round of negotiations and proposals between the US, the AU, the UN and the Sudan's President Omar al-Bashir...all of which ended up coming to absolutely nothing as the killing continues.

The only surprising thing about that is the continued efforts to engage the Sudan in `diplomacy' by the West. It should be obvious by now that the Sudanese government is simply playing for time until the problem is liquidated and thus no longer a problem.

Meanwhile, Sudan is using its friends in the UN to block a U.N. report that specifically says that the Sudan's government "has manifestly failed to protect the population of Darfur from large-scale international crimes, and has itself orchestrated and participated in these crimes," adding that "war crimes and crimes against humanity" were continuing in the region.

The bottom line? Every reputable source agrees on what's going on in Darfur, and that the Sudan's government has played a major role in orchestrating the jihad. At the same time,any efforts to actually do anything about it in a forum like the UN are going to be impeded by the Muslim bloc and by Russia and China.

I still hold with my original solution for Darfur, the one I proposed 6 months ago.... arm the people of Darfur so they can defend themselves and kill as many jihadis as possible.

If that solution had been implemented then, there might be a lot more dead jihadis and a lot more live people in Darfur.


Anonymous said...

China has oil interests in the Darfur region. This is why they don't want intervention. Apparently "no blood for oil" only applies to the US. In any event, anti-Americanism costs us nothing. Engaging in attacks on the actions of the Chinese government will result in severe reprisals by the Chinese.

Anonymous said...

many of the atrocities committed in Darfur by the Militia and the government are horrific and obscene, however, it would be wise if you looked at th true meaning and interpretation of the term Jihad before you use it in these specific terms. While the murders and rapes committed in Darfur are made by the Arab militia, the victims of these attacks although non-Arab are also muslim, so to flout the word Jihad is unprecedented in such circumstances. If you wish to continue writing on the matter it would be wise to obtain information first.

Freedom Fighter said...

Dear MH,
Thanks for dropping by, but please don't insult my intelligence or the intelligence of the readers of this board.

One of the things I constantly point out is that Muslims by far are the greatest victims of jihad terrorism, and it is a simple matter for these scum to commit jihad on other Muslims..you might ask the Muslim women of Bangladesh who were subjected to mass rape by Pakistani troops or the Sunnis of Anbar or Iraqi Shiites who were murdered by al-Qaeda about that, among many others.

It is done, as I assume you know,by declaring the targets `apostates' and thus fair game, and it has hapened many times in Muslim history and continues today.

Another prominent group of targets are Muslims who reject jihad terrorism and won't go along with the program ( Irshad Manjii, whom I link to is a good example) and are targeted as apostates by the Salafist killers for getting in the way of the conquest of dar Harb, the non-Muslim world.

Did you think I wasn't aware of that?

Or,perhaps you yourself weren't, to be a bit kinder.

You're certainly welcome to comment here, and I welcome honest discussion, but it MUST be honest.

All Best,