Thursday, March 08, 2007

Two more instances of home grown jihadis - and we had better start paying attention

In today's news, there are yet again two more examples of how deep the network of jihadis here in America has spread, and how far behind the curve we seem to be.

First off, we have this item, as the U.S. finally indicted 5 Men Tied to an Islamic Charity who were passing money to Saddam Hussein stolen from United States government grant money.

The charity, the Islamic American Relief Agency was formed back in 1985 and wasn't shut down by the feds until October 2004 after the Treasury Department designated it a global terrorist organization. The group sent over $1.4 million to Iraq from March 1991 to May 2003, in violation of sanctions on that country...and most of it came from grant money obtained through the United States Agency for International Development that was supposed to go to the African nation of Mali.

The indictment covers several counts of money laundering as well as falsely representing the charity’s activities and filing misleading tax forms. The indicted officers are Mubarak Hamed, 50, former executive director of the charity; Abdel Azim el-Siddiq, 50, a vice president; Ali Mohamed Bagegni, 53, a member of the board; Ahmad Mustafa, 54, a fund-raiser; and Khalid al-Sudanee, 55, a Middle East coordinator.

It only took 21/2 years to even get an indictment!

The second item involves an ex-US Navy sailor, Hassan Abujihaad (AKA Paul R. Hall) sailor who was arrested for spying for al-Qaeda..or, as the Feds gently put it `on charges of supporting terrorism with an intent to kill U.S. citizens and transmitting classified information to unauthorized people.'

Abujihaad was apparently part of a major spy ring with branches in the US and Europe that included Babar Ahmad, a British computer specialist arrested in 2004 and accused of running Web sites to raise money for terrorism. Ahmad is already scheduled to be extradited to the U.S. to face trial.

On Ahmad's computer, investigators found files containing classified information about the positions of U.S. Navy ships and discussing their susceptibility to attack.

They also found emails from Abujihaad exchanged with Ahmad while on active duty on the USS Benfold, a guided-missile destroyer. In those e-mails, Abujihaad discussed naval military briefings, showed drawings of Navy battle groups and discussed upcoming missions.

Abujihaad,by the way, had a secret security clearance.

While Ahmad was arrested in 2004, the case against Abujihaad accelerated in December of 2006, when his ex-room mate, Derrick Shareef, another home grown jihadi was arrested for planing to use hand grenades to attack holiday shoppers at a mall near Chicago. Shareef apparently fingered his ex room mate.

The rot goes deep.


Unknown said...

By the lack of response thus far it appears that this is NOT shocking, but rather more or less expected. Understandably so as the whole premise of our OPEN society will lead to our downfall. Though I do find it completely laughable that the Swede's now want to monitor all email that crosses into Sweden, without mind you any warrants, boyo, that pot and kettle are really starting to look the same color.

Freedom Fighter said...

Oh, I think the nature of the problem in the US is not so much our open society, but in our failure to police it properly.

I have something upcoming that will address this more fully.

As for Sweden, the Swedes, like many other Europens have their hands full in places like Malmo.

They are not going to have an easy time of it, IMO.

Always On Watch said...

About that sailor...

The few media reports I heard did not mention his name. Mustn't discriminate against Muslims, you know--even if that means not mentioning this traitor's name.

Anonymous said...

thursday night i was watching nightline ( i have my reasons),
there was a segment on this guy from at&t who caught the NSA splitting the signals in the san fransico office. when asked if he had a problem with letting terrorists communicate on the at&t network his reply was he was saving the consitution.
my rebuttal would be, not to mention the deaths of innocent americans, does anyone think WE ARE AT WAR and his so-called protection is in fact jeopardizing our security???????