Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The real and uncensored `war protestors'

The 4 year anniversary of the Iraq War was marked by a number of so-called `anti-war' protests. In reality, of course, these were not so much anti-war protests as anti-American protests - with a healthy dose of nihilism and anti-Semitism.

For the record, I don't consider protest as a whole anti-American in the least - but the majority of these people fit that description, and apparently wear that label proudly to judge by the messages they carry.

If you merely get your news from the dinosaur media or NPR, they tend to focus on highly cropped and edited images of the more respectable groups and ignore the overwhelming majority....and to underestimate and ignore pro-American counter protests, as Michelle Malkin and others have amply demonstrated.

I can vouch for this personally having seen a number of these up close, as has Zombie, who we have to thank for a superb set of images here, culled from photos taken by zombie at the "U.S. Out of Iraq Now" anti-war rally sponsored by ANSWER in San Francisco on Sunday, March 18, 2007 :

I seem to recall that threatening the life of the president of the United States is a felony.

I betcha that's going to hurt when it comes time to remove the sticker...

It's all about the Evil Jooos and Israel - always.

Jew Hatred - the last chic racism

Two statements featuring our country's flag - one that involves proudly dragging it in the dirt -

and another that represents the US as an octopus, evilly strangling the world.

The ultimate reply, from a group of counter protesters - `Support those who fight and die for your freedom'.

To see how the dinosaur media characterizes these people, here's a link to `selected images' from the SF Gate

To my mind, these people are unworthy of living in a free society.

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