Thursday, March 01, 2007

Israel to provide armored vehicles to U.S. Marines in Iraq

The good jihadis at the London daily Al-Sharq Al-Awsat are all lit up about this one...Israel is going to supply the U.S. Marines in Iraq with specially equipped armored “Golan” vehicles which are specifically designed for urban warfare and can sustain attacks by RPGs and road mines.

This is nothing new, by the way. IDF trainers, utilizing hard lessons they learned in places like Jenin have been training US marines for some time in how to wage urban warfare in Arab cities while sustaining the minimum in casualties, as well as giving US forces access to surveillance devices and technology used in urban warfare developed by Israeli high tech.

It's how a real ally behaves. And perhaps, food for thought to those people who think the solution to Middle East peace involves pressuring that ally into indefensible borders and unreasonable concessions.


Anonymous said...

and in a related matter:
from strategy page:

March 1, 2007: Italian firm Iveco has a produced a new Light Multirole Vehicle (LMV), for the Italian army, and several foreign customers. The seven ton, 4x4 vehicle is another design influenced by the success of armored hummers being used in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Italian army has ordered 1,210 LMVs, and will receive 500 this year. A few have already been sent to Afghanistan. Belgium and Britain have each ordered 400, and Norway has bought 25.

what on earth is the italian so-called army going to do with 1210 up armored vehicles?
given previous posts by ff regarding the italian surrender to.....who is it the italians have surrendered to this time?
i guess the boys up at ferrari just don't have enough to do.
that brings up another question, who do you want to buy your APC from, the italians or the jooos?

Freedom Fighter said...

Ummmm, the Italians for sports cars and scooters, the Israelis for armor, I think!