Saturday, March 24, 2007

Saudis bar Israeli journalist traveling with UN delegation

The UN admitted today that Saudi Arabia barred an Israeli journalist traveling With U.N. Chief Ban Ki-Moon's UN delegation in his trip to the Middle East.

Orly Azoulay is the Washington bureau chief of Israeli newspaper Yediot Aharonot,travelling on a French passport. Even after assurances the Saudi mission in New York gave the UN last week, she was refused a visa to enter the Kingdom.

UN spokeswoman Michéle Montas said that both Lebanon and Saudi Arabia initially refused to grant Ms. Azoulay a visa, but that Lebanon finally complied.

hen the Saudi consulate in New York returned the passports of the 11 news reporters and broadcasters to United Nations headquarters on Friday afternoon, only Ms. Azoulay’s bore no Saudi visa. Ms. Montas said this occurred despite repeated appeals to the Saudis during the week from Vijay Nambiar, Mr. Ban’s chief of staff.

According to her, the Saudi mission is not returning calls from United Nations officials, and it's fairly obvious that Ms. Azoulay will be not be allowed to accompany the UN to Riyadh.

In contrast, the `racist, apartheid' nation of Israel granted visas to all 11 news people, including at least 3 who are Arab- or Iranian-born and traveling on European passports.

“When the secretary general decides that he will take under his auspices a group of journalists, then there is some kind of responsibility that he takes upon himself and we respect this and this is the reason Israel granted the visas without hesitation,” said Daniel Carmon, Israel’s deputy United Nations ambassador.

Of course, the UN delegation and the other press personnel could react to this blatant racism by simply not going to Saudi Arabia, and issuing a statement as to why. That would be the moral and decent thing to do, to show that they have no tolerance or sympathy for it.

The UN's reaction?

Ban Ki-Moon, the UN delegation and the remaining press are expected to be in Riyadh on Monday, the 26th as planned.

And the Israelis are supposed to try and seek `normal relations' based on a plan developed by the Saudis, who won't even allow an Israeli in their country!


Anonymous said...

The last sentence of your post sums things up perfectly. There is simply no way for Israel to seek normal relations with these people.

Part of the problem with the Global War on Terror has been the maddenting inconsistencies that have been applied during this war. For example, the US and president Bush have said we will go after terrorists where ever they are. Then the US goes accross the world to go after terrorists in Afghanistan, Iraq, and elsewhere. Then Israel attempts to go after terrorists in "Palestine" and their actions are blasted as "not helpful." British PM Tiny Blair once said that the Israelis should "disengage from the Palestinians." Then Britian endured the bombing attack in London but we don't see the British disengaging from London. These are just a couple of examples of the maddening inconsistencies being applied in the Global War on Terror. I could cite numerous other examples.

It makes no sense to try and eliminate terrorist supporting states such as Afghanistan and Iraq while seeking to create a state of "Palestine" that is sure to be another terrorist supporting state. What is even worse is Israel is the primary buffer between the Western world and the terrorists who wish to destroy it. If this buffer is weakened, the US and the Western World become much more difficult to defend. This state of "Palestine" that Western powers are working to create would carve land out of Israel who is our most important ally.

The United States and Western civilization are in a fight for their survival. Israel is our most important ally in this war. Working to weaken your most important ally is absolutely no way to run a war!!

Jack Steiner said...

The Saudis are a waste of time. THey are not going to help anyone besides themselves.

Eliyahu m'Tsiyon said...

Jack & bposter are right. I want to point out that dear Condi, Little George W's 5th grade teacher, is quite enamored of the Saudi enemies of Human Rights. So are jimmycarter and jimbaker. Condi wants Israel to negotiate on the basis of the so-called "Saudi peace plan." Can you believe it? A peace plan drawn up by Wahhabis??
What really drives US policy? Is it oil or anti-terrorism? Or the same Judeophobic policy that FDR's administration perpetrated during the Holocaust??

Eliyahu m'Tsiyon said...

the photo attached to my post by Blogger is not me but my late mother. In this barbarous world in which we live, it is not advisable to let your enemies see your photo.

Anonymous said...


Israel is a nazi country and all jews are nazis and fascists. They should not be allowed to enter any country because these jews are all born terrorists. The biggest terrorist of the world is Ariel Sharon, who is thankfully dead now.

Cockroach England
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