Thursday, December 08, 2005

Ahmadinejad hits out at Israel ..again. But raises a legitimate point for discussion

Good ol' Ahmadinejad! Today, at the OIC conference in Mecca, Saudi Arabia he made the following remarks in a speech to the who's who of the Islamic world:

"Some European countries insist on saying that during World War II, Hitler burned millions of Jews and put them in concentration camps," Ahmadinejad said. "Any historian, commentator or scientist who doubts that is taken to prison or gets condemned."

"Let's assume what the Europeans say is true … Let's give some land to the Zionists in Europe or in Germany or Austria," he said. "They faced injustice in Europe, so why do the repercussions fall on the Palestinians?"ABC News: Iranian President Jabs at Israel Again

The OIC is historically a place where Jihadists and Jew haters can mouth off with impunity and be certain of getting the big standing O from the crowd. Last years' conference featured the remarks of Malaysian president Mahathir who railed away at how the Jews rule the world and how Islam should unite to annihilate them and the West. I'm sure Ahmadinejad's little screed went over quite well with his audience. Including Saudi King Abdullah who yesterday was making noises about moderation and tolerance.

Well, aside from some garden variety racist Holocaust denial, Ahmadinejad raises a point for discussion. Why indeed does the Muslim world bear any responsibility? Here's why. The Arab world is directly complicit in the Holocaust.

After WWI, the Palestine Mandate was given to Britain for the express purpose of creating a Jewish nation. Britain's first act was to take 80% of this land, give it to the Arabs as Trans-Jordan and forbid any Jews from living or settling there. The Zionist movement ws mollified by Britain with the promise that the rest of Palestine - everything else West of the Jordan River-would be the Jewish homeland. This promise was never kept. The British, during their tenure in Palestine put all kinds of arbitrary barriers on Jews migrating to Palestine, while allowing unlimited inmigration to Arabs from Syria, Egypt, and the Hejaz.

Of course, even 80% of what was supposed to be the Jewish homeland was not enough foir the Arabs to accept Jews living among them in peace and equality. The Arabs rioted and created such unrest that the British halted all Jewish immigration to the Holy Land on the eve of the Holocaust with the issuance of the White Paper in 1938 , when millions of Jews were trapped in Europe and left without a place to flee.

All during WWII, when a third of the Jewish population of Palestine was in uniform fighting for the allies, the British allowed unlimited migration from the Arab world into Israel. In 1944, Himmler attempted to make a deal with the Allies to exchange the Jewish population of Hungary, about 500,000 people, for a few trucks. The Americans signed on to the deal but the British vetoed it, explicitly because they were afraid of Arab rioting and did not want these Jews in Palestine. Hungary's Jews went to Auschwitz and Bergen-Belsen instead of Israel.

During WWII,the Arabs largely sided with the Axis. The `Palestinian' leader, the British appointed Grand Mufti of Jerusalem spent most of the war in Europe recruiting Muslims from Bosnia and the Caucasus to fight in SS divisions for Hitler and the Nazis. And in Egypt, numerous veterans of the British 8th Army who fought and defeated the Nazis at El-Alamein have related how the Egyptians had Cairo all decked out in Nazi flags to welcome the German `liberators' when the British marched back into the city.

In spite of this, the British equipped and trained the Arab armies that attempted to massacre the Jews of Israel in 1948. The most effective Arab fighting force in that war, the Jordanian Arab legion, was led by British officers under the notorious Jew hater Colonel John Glubb (`Glubb Pasha').

Anyone interested in the full sordid story should read Lucy Dawidowicz's `The War against the Jews' The War Against the Jews : 1933-1945: Books and Joan Peter's `From Time immemorial' From Time Immemorial: The Origins of the Arab-Jewish Conflict over Palestine: Books

Answer your question Ahmadinejad? Not that it matters. The battle lines were drawn a long time ago.


Warren said...

Thank you, Freedom Fighter.

Really good post.

Anonymous said...

revisionist history -- gotta love how the authors of the two books you posted couldnt possible have a bias -- I mean just cuz they are Jewish doesn't mean anything...

but, let's assume, the Palestinians are responsible for the deaths of Jews during the Holocaust because of their refusal to want Jewish settlers in that logic, Israel should be in Britain, because Britain was the power that was making the decision in Palestine, and therefore, they should have to "pay" for the holocaust...

and if refusal to allow Jewish settlers into the country at the time of the Holocaust, than Alaska or Florida should be given to the Zionist because:

The Holocaust torments the conscient of those willing to remember the horrors of the past in order not to see them repeated....[m]ore than 60% of Americans desired to keep Jewish refugees, even displaced children, out of the United State, and this sentiment remained unchanged during the war (The Proud Decades: America in War and Peace, 1941-1960, John Patrick Diggins, p. 46)

So pray tell, when will the US be giving up one of its States for Zionism, since it refused to let Jewish settlers and displaced children a place to flee?

Freedom Fighter said...

Gee about revisionist history!

In the first place, Joan Peters isn't Jewish, although a lot of anti-Semites have pretty much made her an honorary Jew by now.

She won her first honors as a journalist by risking her life to go undercover to expose the Klu Klux Klan, and went to Israel intending to write a book supporting the cause of the so-called 'Palestinian' refugees.

Like you, she was misinformed and believed that those nasty Jews had kicked the 'Palestinians' off 'their' land. Once she got there and began delving into what actually happened, including the Ottoman and British sources, she wrote a very different book, since she was at heart an honest person.

See, the heart of this nonsense is the insistence that this land somehow belonged to the 'Palestinians'.It didn't,that particular real estate having been held for the last five centuries by the Ottoman Turks, whose law was that all land belonged to the Empire to dispose of as it saw fit.

In fact, most of the Ottoman province of Palestine was a depopulated wasteland except for two mostly Jewish cities ( Safed and Jerusalem) and a mixed Jewish/Arab settlement at the port of Jaffa.That changed in the
1880's, during the Chelminitsky Pogroms, when the Ottomans encouraged European Jews to settle in Palestine figuring they might make it worth something.Th einflux of Arabs came afterwards, from the Hejaz, Egypt, Lebanon and Syria because there was all of a sudden a demand for labor to work in the farms and businesses the Jews created.

As for British and Arab complicity in the Holocaust, you're right. They certainly weren't alone.

However, Britain's guilt is much more egregious than America's because they controlled access to Palestine, an area they only had control of due to a League of Nations mandate that expresslly charged them with using that mandate to create a national state for Jews.

Seeing as the Brits had already partitioned Palestine once in 1923 and given 80% of it to the Arabs to create an Arab Palestinian state in Jordan on all the territory east of the Jordan River, there was no excuse for them to invoke the White Paper over the rest of Palestine and close it to Jewish immigration, thus trapping millions of Jews in Europe.This was a clear violation of international law,(not to mention inhumane in the extreme) but by that time the world was on the verge of WWII and had other things to think about.

To add to this, the Brits turned over numerous arms depots and startegic positions to the Arabs and armed, and in the case of Jordan officered Arab armies who clearly announced their intention of murdering every Jew in Israel, a mere three years after Auschwitz was liberated.

I doubt you can put a reluctance of Americans to accept foreign refugees pre WWII in the same class.

As for the Arabs, their backing of the Nazis is a matter of historical fact, and that especially applies to the 'Plaestinians' who's leader, the British-appointed Grand Mufti of Jerusalem was a Nazi shill throughout the war, translated an edited version of Mein Kampf and other pro-Nazi propaganda into Arabic and helped raise troops in Bosnia for the Nazis.

Sometimes, siding with a bunch of genocidal maniacs when they lose a war has consequences...and the same thing could be said about those 'Palestinians' who were just fine with the idea of the Arab armies murdering their neighbors just because they were Jews.

Please open your mind and do a little research, instead of reaching for false analogies to fit some half baked pre-conceived ideas.That sort of thing doesn't fly here very well.