Saturday, December 31, 2005

I guess the IDF really MEANT `no-go'!

Two Palestinians were killed and three wounded when the IDF pulled off a successful air strike on a qassam missle launch site in the Northern Gaza `no-go' zone.
The IDF said the terrorists were spotted preparing to fire a rocket from the area of Elei Sinai, one of the 21 Jewish communities evacuated during the pullout from Gaza.

The two dead terrorists were identified as Motaz Hamdouna, 26, and Hamza Hamdouna, 22. Good riddance..

Hamas spokesman Mushir al-Masri threatened revenge against Israel, as usual, and
The Palestinian Interior Ministry won an unexpected kudos from the Freedom Fighter by issuing a statement condemning the Israeli strike, saying that the strike hindered police efforts to stop militants from firing a rocket at Israel!

Could this be the PA's new tactic...trying to make us laugh ourselves sick?

Bechatzlecha, Chevarim..well done.

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