Monday, December 05, 2005

Palestinians bomb mall in Israel - 5 dead in Netanya

Israel's `peace partners' decided the time was ripe to murder a few more innocent people. At least 5 are dead(so far), 55 injured – 6 critically.ABC News: Five Israeli Shoppers Killed Outside Mall

Islamic Jihad was proud to claim credit for the murders, releasing a pre-recorded videotape showing the killer Lutfi Amin Abu Sami, 21, from Rai Village near Jenin, in Judea (the West Bank).

The killer tried to kill even more people, attempting to get into the crowded
mall. When the security police told him to take his hand out of his pocket, the terrorist blew himself up in the crowd at the mall’s entrance. Three policemen are among the wounded.

Netanya, on the Mediterranean between Tel Aviv and Haifa, has been attacked by Palestinian terrorists several times during the last five years. It's a popular spot because it's in the narrow `neck' of Israel and thus close in proximity to Israel Palestinian neighbors. A homicide bomber killed five Israelis near the same spot outside the mall last summer.

Palestinian Authority Chairman Abbas condemned the attack and said the Palestinians would arrest those responsible. Of course he will. Why would he lie about a thing like that?

Actually, I don't particularly blame the Palestinians for this one. Sharks gotta swim, rats gotta scuttle. It's their basic nature. But I wonder how many casualties it will take before the Israeli government realizes that the `peace process' is a farce, that none of the concessions they have made to try and placate the Arabs has brought them an iota of peace and that it's time for Israel to toss away the so-called `roadmap', draw it's own borders based on Israel's security needs and put any non-Israeli Arabs on the other side of it?

There simply is no possibility of a `peaceful' Palestinian State next door to Israel.

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