Sunday, December 11, 2005

Australian Race Riots at Sydney Beach

Rioting broke out this weekend at Cronulla Beach in Sydney’s southern suburbs between gangs of white Australians and gangs of Middle Eastern origin.

At least 13 people were hurt, including five police, and 12 were arrested during the clashes, which followed a week of mounting anger over an attack on two lifeguards who were beaten up by a gang of Lebanese Muslims.

World news from The Times and the Sunday Times - Times Online

There has been growing tension in many Australian cities, particularly Sydney between Islamic (mainly Lebanese) gangs and other Australians.

The tensions have been exacerbated Prime Minister Howard's firm stance on Islamic terrorism, the Bali bombings and the Autralian Islamic community's widespread silence on the matter , recent arrest of Islamic terrorist symphathizers, increased scrutiny of firebrand hardline rhetoric in Australia's mosques and various cases of well-publicized incidents of gang rape and street crime of `Lebs' against other `white' Australians, as commentators like Mark Steyn have chronicled.

Melborne's The Age published a `Have Your Say' column on this. It's revealing to let the locals speak for themselves. I've excerpted a few comments but the link for all of them is here:The Age: Your Say - Racial tension Archives

One parting comment; why I decry ethnically motivated violence of any sort, it's telling that many `liberals' who would condemn the mob at Cronulla as `yobs' and racists' would be the first ones to respond to Islamic violence by saying that we have to understand their rage, respect their culture and redress their 'grievences!'

"Last week two surf life savers were bashed by a group of Middle Eastern Men at Cronulla. This, apparently, is not the first time groups of Middle Eastern Men/Youths have visited Cronulla causing more than mischief.

It would appear, (from the sheer numbers of people who turned out at Cronulla), that the local community has had enough of "outsiders" coming to their beach and bringing with them, attitude, violence and disregard for their seaside community.

It is truly awful that this vigilante-style protest happened yesterday. Would it have happened if there had been more discipline imposed by a greater police presence in the weeks building up to yesterday?.... "
"I believe this simply reflects the underlying racism in the Australain society. It is not just these racist clowns we should be afraid of.

More threatening are the people who watched from their homes and quietly agreed with this abhorrent behaviour. They are the real scar on Australia."
"The events of yesterday have been a long time in the making. Sure, it took a bit of Dutch courage before the bottle was finally uncorked but enough was finally enough. Listen and listen carefully to those normally amiable oafs who took matters into their own hands yesterday for they are the canary in the coal mine."
" this is not about who is more Australian due to the amount of time a person has been in Australia, it is about the actions that have been performed by a minority group without any retaliation from the authorities. I don't believe the locals in Cronulla should have performed the way they did, but if this is the way we can draw some attention to the situation that has been building up for years, than so be it. It was just a matter of time, and its about time the authorities take charge of the situation, so that we can once again feel safe to visit the beaches."
"has anybody been down to Williamstown Beach on a summers night? It's not acceptable the violence that occurred in sydney but neither are the insults and abuse that occur from Muslim youth's milling around local beaches in our suburbs of Melbourne."

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