Friday, December 02, 2005

Belgium's suicide bomber-and why we should care.

The western press had a field day when, Muriel Degauque, a 38-year-old Belgian convert to Islam, blew herself up on November in what was the first suicide attack in Iraq by a European woman.

As a human interest story, it was made to order..and here's an example:The Courier-Mail: Only child turns into a suicide bomber [03dec05]

This has much deeper implications than a simple `human interest' puff piece

As the Freedom Fighter has previously reported, al Qaeda and other Islamists groups are deeply entrenched in Europe and one of their primary missions is to radicalize Muslims who are citizens of the host countries..and to recruit `white Muslims' like Muriel. This is a perfect example of how that mission is proceeding.

Mom relates how her daughter got involved with a Belgian Muslim from Morocco, married, converted, and became radicalized.

In Belgium, of course, the authorities are simply shocked, shocked that such a thing could happen - when Antwerp has 300 wahabi mosques, mostly funded by the Saudis. They're now trying to pick up the pieces by rounding up some of the local Islamists, a classic case of trying to lock the barn door after the horse is out.

In Britain, jihadist bombings were carried out by middle class Muslims thought to be well integrated into British life, and all over Europe and in America Muslims thought to be well off and part of western society are turning out to have jihadist leanings.

The jihadist mindset is part of Islam, not a `perversion' as some who have it..though by no means part of all Muslims. It is particularly a part of the wahabi doctrine exported to the West by the Saudis.

Expect more `white Muslims' like Muriel to be a part of jihad, both here and in Europe and Australia until the political leadeship of these countries abandon political correctness and begin realizing the threat radical mosques and madrassahs pose and doing something about it.

Jihad is a significant concept in Islam and a tool of imperialism and domination. It is anti-freedom and bigoted. There is no reason for a free society to tolerate it being any more than any other hate-filled ideology. And until free societies have the courage to exhibit zero tolerance for the jihad mindset, jihadist terrorism will continue.

And as a parting comment, I might mention that those who do not extend tolerance to others have no right to expect it extended to themselves.


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It's only a matter of time until Muslims here in America start doing the same thing.

We better watch our backs,especially the way the Muslims are recruiting in prison.