Friday, December 30, 2005

Rafah border terminal in Gaza shuts down as terrorists overrun it; EU `monitors' flee to Israel

Last month, the opening of the Rafah terminal was hailed as a first step toward Palestinian independence. Since then, there's been nothing but chaos.

Today, Palestinian Authority officials are trying to negotiate the reopening of the Gaza-Egyptian border crossing at Rafah which was commandeered Friday by armed terrorists. The European monitors withdrew to Israel.

The terrorists are belived to be under the command of Jemal Abu Sema Dana, head of the Palestinian Resistance Committees chief and Fatah al-Aqsa Brigades. He made a threat a week ago to seize the Rafah terminal and “cleanse” it of foreign monitors.

This signaled the final breakdown of security measures brokered by US secretary of state Condoleezza Rice between Israel, Egypt and the Palestinians for securing the Palestinian Egyptian border crossing after the Israeli troop pull-back from Gaza. trary, especially by defense minister Shaul Mofaz and security coordinator Amos Gilead.

Palestinians sources covered up the seizure by terrorists of the only Palestinian exit point by depicting it as a police blockade in protest against the killing of a fellow officer Thursday. While some of the wire sources have bought this story, the real occupiers of the terminal are the PRC and al-Aksa.

Palestinian Police Chief Ala Husni claims the situation is under control at the Gaza-Egypt border, and that the terminal it will be re-opened later today. We'll see...

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