Monday, December 05, 2005

Iran `unilaterally' rejects Russian Nuke proposal

According to French Foreign Minister Philippe Douste-Blazy, Iran has "unilaterally" rejected a Russian proposal to resolve its standoff with the West over fears it may be trying to develop nuclear weapons. Shocking, n'est pa?

So no chance of Russia taking in Iranian uranium for enrichment and then returning it to Iran, Dubbya. Who'd a thunk it? What a surprise, huh? And does the President really think Putin didn't know all about this, and the $1B Russia-Iran arms deal when they were having that little get together last month?

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It's almost comical to read al-Reuter's stunned surprise at all this.

In other news, the UN's relentless IAEA watchdog Mohammed el-Baradi concurred with Israeli intelligence (as reported on this site yesterday) that the mullahs are only months away from full nuclear weapons capability.The Media Line - News Detail And the Iranians themselves have announced that they are accepting bids to put up two additional reactors.

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