Thursday, December 22, 2005

Qassam strikes Israeli base near Ashkelon

Five servicemen were injured by a Qassam missile launched against Ashkelon Thursday, which hit the Yiftah base south of the city. An earlier one hit near the power station.

The Palestinians are using the evacuated Israeli communities of Dugit, Elei Sinai and Nisanit, which have been turned into handy launching sites. Just like the neaderthal opponenets of `disengagement' said they would. What's more, it isn't just Sderot that's on the firing line anymore. Aside from Ashkelon, Moshav Shuba and Kibbutz Carmia outside the Gaza Strip have now been brought into missile range.

The IDF's response has been minimal to date. If Israel wanted to, it would be easy to turn the northern Gaza Strip into a Qassam free zone where all moving objects are quickly destroyed. This could be accomplished within a very short time. There's also not very much in the way of a Palestinian population there, and not many buildings aside from the gutted shells of what used to be the homes of Israeli Jews.

My guess is that Sharon is trying to help Abbas out with the upcoming elections..if they occur.

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