Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Israel fires on `no-go' zone in Gaza Strip

After dropping leaflets warning residents to stay out of the area, Israel began enforcing a `no-go' security zone in the Northern Gaza Strip today with missles and artillery - Israeli military bombards northern Gaza - Dec 28, 2005

(Can you imagine the Palestinians warning Israeli civilians with leaflets before an attack?)

This is going to be difficult for Israel to enforce, first of all because of the upcoming Israeli election..Sharon is unlikely to order decisive measure before then. And secondly because of the mobility and widespread support and freedom of movement the terrorists enjoy in both Gaza and the Palestinian areas in Judea and Samaria.

In another related development,Kate Burton, 25, a British human rights worker at the Gaza-based al-Mizan organization and her parents have discovered that the Palestinian terrorists she was laboring to assist have a not-so-benign side. She and her parents were kidnapped by Palestinian `gunmen' in Gaza, and rumors are rife that the Palestinians intend to use them as human shields and hostages in an attempt to prevent the IDF from enforcing the no-go zone.

The foreign office in London confirmed the abductions and repeated its warnings to all Britons to refrain from entering the Gaza Strip for any reason.

And here I thought the Brits were their friends!

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