Thursday, December 29, 2005

Victor Davis Hansen on `Hollywood's Misunderstood Terrorists'

Leftists in Hollywood have real problems with the `T' word, especially if the terrorists are Islamic...Victor Davis Hansen analyzes the phenomenon..
Hollywood's misunderstood terrorists - The Honolulu Advertiser


Howard said...

I wake up every day wondering which band of nuts is trying to disengage from the war and have to redo the gains we have already made against the terrorists with maybe an even larger loss of life farther down the road>>

Freedom Fighter said...

Unfortunately, President Bush allowed the country to fall asleep again after 9/11.

I pray I'm wrong, but I fear it will take another attack to wake people up again..and certain people won't wake up even then!

Ultimately, we will be victorious..but it's just a matter of how many lives it will cost further down the road as opposed to decisive action now.