Sunday, December 25, 2005

FBI monitors Muslim sites for radiation

FBI agents have secretly monitored radiation levels at Islamic mosques, businesses and homes for several years in large cities to determine whether nuclear or chemical bombs were being assembled.Chicago Tribune | FBI watched homes, mosques for radiation

Needless to say, the good folks at CAIR and the MPAC are a tad upset.

Perhaps, if they are the loyal Americans they say they are, they should start by denouncing Islamic terrorism and eliminating hate speech and the glorification of jihad from American mosques and madrassahs. Rights come with certain responsibilities towards one's fellow citizens.

Given the reality of Islamic terrorism and the almost total silence from the Muslim world in condemning it, a few precautions seem indicated..especially since the alternative would be to shut down suspect mosques and start deporting suspect Muslims wholesale back to countries more in line with their political philosphy.

The Constitution is NOT a suicide pact.

If we are in fact not going to target Muslim homes, mosques and businesses for surveillence, we had better figure out ways to target and eradicate militant Islam here at home. More from the Freedom Fighter on this later...

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