Sunday, December 13, 2009

Another Day Older N' Deeper In Debt; Senate Passes $1.1 trillion Spending Bill

Wherever will this horse manure end?

The Senate passed another huge $1.1 trillion 'omnibus' spending bill this Sunday afternoon, 57-35.

The Republicans attempted to filibuster this, but the Senate voted 60-34 to end debate and clear the way for the vote. Even a few Democrats like Evan Bayh voted against this nonsense, while GOP Senator Richard Shelby was the only Republican to vote to pass the bill.

Keep in mind that this does not include any military or defense spending.The Dems excluded that and are saving it for later, to tack on to another spending bill covering some other items they want....

I can hear the whining now..."How can you vote against funding the troops? 'Course, that means you have to vote for increases in all these other programs!"

Can you imagine if you ran your business or your household like this?

The big difference between Bernie Madoff and our Federal Government is the ability to tax and to print money. If Madoff had been able to do that, he'd be a free man today..and probably Secretary of the Treasury.

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B.Poster said...

I suppose this stops whenever foreign powers like the Chinese stop being willing to fund it or when people stop buying Treasury bills. I suspect that will be coming soon.

Keep in mind even BEFORE all of this fiscal non sense started the United States faced greater challenges than any of the major world powers face. Now its long range position is almost completely doomed. Even its short to mid range prospects are problematic. The United States has a worn down military. Its infrastructure is crumbling. Its education system is among the worst in the world and it is not producing enough scientists and engineers and other technical types to be competitive with anyone in the coming years much less the major world powers of Russia, China, the European Union, and India.

If we change leadership now, the United States MIGHT be able to survive in the coming years and decades as a minor power. At present, I see no way for it to be able to salvage its position as a major world power.

The United States has massive natural resources of oil, coal, and natural gas. It is higly likely a major world power like China might want to get its hands on this. Also, Russia has spent many decades demonizing the United States. United States military planners should plan accordingly.

As stated previously, America's position as a major world power is all but done. As such, America should focus only on its basic defense needs. Unfortunately with the worn down military and the lack of financial ability to upgrade it and the lack of technical expertise to stay competitve with Russia and China even this is problematic. God help us all!!