Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Watching Heads Explode...

I have to admit, watching the Angry Left go way crazy over the happenings (or should I say, non-happenings) in the Senate on ObamaCare has been wildly amusing, to say the least. Here are a few hilarious yet representative samples, so you don't have to soil yourself by actually going there. The links are just for reference purposes...and I left the spelling, typos, and yes, the quaint profanities intact.

From Lefty harridan Jane Hamsher's Firedog Lake:

mesamick December 16th, 2009 at 9:16 am

Screw the White House – they’re screwing us!

Dr. D and JH are absolutely correct – Kill the Bill!

If Obama, his staff and the senate get their way with this piece of shit bill more Americans will die for lack of affordable health insurance and/or affordable health care.

FYI – Remember when Biden said Obama was going to be tested? Well here it is. We have to show Obama we’re not chumps – Calling it HCR doesn’t make it HCR no matter how he and his administration try to spin it….

Leen December 16th, 2009 at 9:18 am
In response to selise @ 3

And yesterday they passed more unsubstantiated sanctions against Iran. Aipac , Israel pushing right ahead with their agenda. Congress rolling over again.

madmatt December 16th, 2009 at 9:30 am

the Ins co’s are paying dems on both sides of argument, that way they will definately get what they want. Never another vote, never another dime.

Inquisitr December 16th, 2009 at 9:32 am

Kill this disgusting insult of a Bill.

And can we please start having a real discussion about a primary challenger for Obama? I’ve posted like 3 diaries….we need to talk about it now or we’ll lose our chance.

He needs to be made to answer to the left.

Knoxville December 16th, 2009 at 9:33 am

At least Lieberman did us the favor of ripping off the masks of these assholes.

If they can’t do the right thing for the American people by stopping a little weasel like Lieberman, then they don’t deserve to have power and do deserve to lose big time next year.

Lieberman did us a favor by taking away every little scrap of cover that House and Senate Dems and Obama would have had to call what they’re passing “reform” without the American people laughing at them.

So, thanks, Joe. You’re a dick, but we have to thank you for making it all the easier for us to challenge failed Democrats in the House and Senate as we work to get more progressive Democrats (i.e. real Democrats) elected.

Bob31n December 16th, 2009 at 9:41 am

Jane is right that this is all Rahm. But, it is Obama, too. He’s the one who chose Rahm to be hsi chief of staff. It’s apparent that Obama doesn’t have the balls or intelligence to find a way to help ordniary Americans. He is playing the game of rethugicans vs. demochickens, and hoping that by some miracle, demochickens will be elected the next term. This is politics as usual. Corporaations get all they want, and ordinary Americans can either accept it or move to Canada.
We have to do something to turn this around. Jane is right to take aim at Rahm. We will have to take aim at everybody who has played along – inclusing all demochikens who have killed any hope that ordinary Americans have had. This is not the hope that I can believe in – it is inexorable moving toward oligarchy, commonly known as fascism.

sellse December 16th, 2009 at 9:42 am

The WH thinks they can spin this disaster of a bill as a major step forward. The WH is delusional. What the WH fails to understand is that the people were fired up & ready to fight for change … we had such hope when we elected Obama.

This is not the change I was fired up for. Whats worse for the Dems, is that the WH really thinks the base and all the people who fought to elect Obama will accept this & eventually come around once Obama gives another beautiful speech. Enough with the speeches. How about some action????

I got fooled by Obama, once; I wont get fooled again. And, Im not happy to say it. So, will I vote Republican IN 2010? NO. NEVER. I just wont vote IN 2010. And, I think the Republicans will make big gains in 2010. And, then, Obama can spend the rest of his term catering more & more to Lieberman and the others like him.

A hah hah hah! Here's some more from Think Progress:

Piece of Poo says:

I’m new to this site. While I’m sure I will be accused of trolling or being some type of evil republican, I don’t really care. What I want to say is this…

I gave money that I couldn’t really afford to give to President Obama’s campaign. I also gave money I didn’t have to the DNC. This will NEVER happen again. I haven’t turned my back on them – THEY turned their back on ME!

This is not the change I believe in.
December 16th, 2009 at 6:40 pm

editTV says:

HELL NO!! there is no case for passing this piece of crap. This is a GIGANTIC payday for insurance companies and drug companies and does nothing to control costs. The 30 million it will insure??? does that count healthy people who will be FORCED To buy a crappy policy from private insurers?

The few good things in this bill could be passed separately. THIS IS NOT HEALTHCARE REFORM its not even insurance reform.

The Obama administration has shat upon all progressives who worked hard and donated money to get him elected. They freely get up there and criticize Howard Dean, but THANK Joe Leiberman…WTF?? I could not be more discourage by wasting my efforts to get this weakling elected.

I will be among the millions of Democrats sitting out the 2010 elections, because this and the bank bailout simply prove to me once and for all the people who really run this country are the banks and huge corporations, it does not matter who is president, or who is in congress.
December 16th, 2009 at 7:05 pm

Heh! But wait there's more....from the fever swamp known as Daily Kos:

I replied to my email from Mitch Stewart (1+ / 0-)

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and guess what?
This is the Spam Firewall at

I'm sorry to inform you that the message below could not be delivered.
When delivery was attempted, the following error was returned.

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they don't want to hear my reply, just my money.
my oh my...

Are we there yet?
by pickandshovel on Wed Dec 16, 2009 at 04:54:58 PM PST

The WH sucks (5+ / 0-)

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mattman, Just Bob, TimmyB, dmw97, qwertyuiop

I'm so over their capitulation and unwillingness to push for the better policy.

Loathing Lieberman too? Join the Facebook group:

by Stovetop on Wed Dec 16, 2009 at 04:09:08 PM PST


Awwww...did you all fall out of love with your Idol? Did Prez Zero let you down? There there, Leftards...Obama let everybody down. Just like I told you he would.

There are three common threads on these sites....hatred ( and I mean violent, spittle soaked HATRED) for Rahm Emanuel and Joe Lieberman, disgust and disillusionment with Prez Zero and vows not to send any more money or votes the Democrat's way.

There's even talk of a third party, or at least of getting rid of all the Blue Dogs and moderate Dems in favor of 'real Democrats.'

The funny thing is, these people get one thing right. The current emasculated Senate Bill does massage the big insurance companies quite a bit while essentially keeping Prez Zero's corrupt deal with Big Pharma intact. So there's certainly no reason to pass it.

What Obama is doing is frantically working on cobbling something together to make himself look good,just so he can say he 'passed health care reform' in 2012 and move on to other matters. In the end,it will be like all his other 'accomplishments'...all sizzle and no steak. Or, as the Left was fond of repeating about his predecessor, all hat and no cattle.

Kill the bill indeed. it's nice to see the country so united.And best wishes to these fine Progressives in their efforts on moving the Democrats even further to the Left than they already are. Their ideas deserve to be evaluated and voted on by the Electorate.


louielouie said...

someone at this site keeps bringing up the idea that some of these people are dumber than a sack of hair.
ff sure does confirm that with these fine examples.
yes sir these people can vote AND serve on juries. well, i'm not so sure about that last part. they would no doubt come forward with some lame excuse to get out of it. (full disclosure....i have been called three times and served three times, district court, and yes, there are people in lock-up because of me)
in a strange way, the dimocrats almost sound like some of the republicans from the 2008 election. no money. no vote.
and yes, even farther to the left. and this dumber than a sack of hair country will follow them over the edge.

Freedom Fighter said...

Actually Louie, the only way the Dems have won a presidential election since LBJ is to essentially lie to the American people ( the word they use is 'triangulate') about how far Left they actually are.

It's worked exactly four times in the last 33 years -sort of.

Jimmy Carter won in the aftermath of Watergate, when Lucifer himself could have run with a 'D' after his name and likely won. Clinton barely squeaked in as a minority president both times thanks to Perot and a terminally weak n' nasty GOP candidate in Bob Dole.

And then we have Obama..who represents not only 'triangulation' but the total failure of the press to vet him and again, a GOP candidate that left much to be desired. People were fooled, but I doubt they will be least not for a couple of decade or so.

What these people want is to run their principles and and ideas past the American people in an HONEST fashion, inside of lying about it. I applaud that idea.


B.Poster said...

If the democrats get a third party and Conservatives form another party, this could be really interesting. This would mean there would essentially be four parties. This would really alter the Aemrican political landscape in major ways that may not be fully known at this time.

I think over the long haul the political landscape would be altered for the better. This is assuming the United States can survive over the long haul.

As long as the two most powerful countries on earth in Russia and China continuing gunning for America and the Government essentially continues to do absolutely nothing about this mid to long range survival prospects for America are problematic at best.

What is needed is either new leadership to confront this or the existing leadership needs to have an awakening. With new poltical parties I think this will open up more possibilities to put the proper leadership in place.

I think we need to begin by working to improve the economy. This is a complicated process and has no easy solution but it does seem clear that the current American economic system is not viable for the 21st centur. It needs to be overhauled. This should probably begin with a concerted effort to engage in more domestic oil drilling and the building of more refineries. This would have the added benefit of giving a huge boost to our national security interests.