Thursday, December 17, 2009

Tiger Woods And Elin Nordegren ... D-I-V-O-R-C-E

ABC news is reporting that Tiger Wood's wife, Elin Nordegren, is seeking a divorce.

She's apparently shopping around for a divorce lawyer.

I had the feeling she was weighing the public humiliation Woods put her through versus the effect on their two kids and what her staying with him would convey to them, and I think she may have ultimately decided that living a lie simply wasn't possible.

The formal announcement will probably come after the holidays, after she's sorted out her options. She's reportedly headed back to Sweden with the kids for awhile, so the Woods family is probably not spending Christmas together.

Ironically, Woods was just named the Athlete of the Decade by The Associated Press, which really bothers me.I'm just old enough to remember when athletes were positive role models for kids and actually stood for something.

In Tiger Woods' case, it appears he's not even a role model for his own kids,let alone anyone else's.

It's a funny thing about that.

During my days in the music biz, I was a single gentleman and lived a somewhat promiscuous life, so I understand the temptations..and they must have been a hundred times as great for someone like Tiger Woods as for someone at my level.

But that's largely adolescent behavior, no matter how old you are or how successful you are, and sooner or later, you are faced with a decision to grow up and become a man.

And ultimately,that means making a commitment to one woman and if you are so blessed, to the family you create together. The true measure of a real man, I think, is to be able have someone love and desire you over time even when they've seen you at your best and most attractive and your worst and least glamorous and the early bloom of youth has faded a bit.

When you find someone like that, most of the other temptations fade away, because if you have any sense at all you realize what you have to lose.

Author/Psychologist Nancy Friday hit on the edges of this in a book she wrote on male sexual fantasies which I believe was subtitled 'the triumph of love over rage.'

In my opinion, compulsive and prolonged sexual promiscuity by either men or women is an underlying and very subtle indication of hostility and lack of respect towards the opposite sex, because it involves turning a human being into a commodity. At least that's how I see it.


louielouie said...

i for one was glad ff stayed away from this media frenzy. every blog out there had their tiger posting(s). it has nothing to do with J/P mission and i'm glad ff held off this long.

as for elin, who does she think she is? you want a role model? do ya? take hillary clinton. there's a role model we can all look up to. she set the example. she set the bar. she bought the cigars..............
uh, .....
who does this elin think she is? can't she take the humiliation? can't she take the innuendo? can't she take the laughing behind her back?
just who does she think she is anyway? married to tiger woods or something..............
uh, ........

what's going to be the story out of this will be the golfers, who say it's none of our business, and the non-golfers.
accenture has dropped him but nike hasn't. this won't hurt tiger a bit with his sporting endorsements. see kobe bryant. the media will go easier on him due to they are the ones who have made him, and they can't damage their goose laying golden eggs for them now can they.
it sort of gives that saying the golfing sportcasters use on saturday evening, "and tiger is in the hunt" a whole new meaning now don't it?
personally i don't give a crap. i think he was a dumb*** for getting married in the first place. you wanna run around when you're young and dumb go ahead. you wanna settle down and raise a family then do it. my values say you can't do both at the same time. but that's just me.
i wonder if jasper parvnik(sp) is gonna say anything at all about all this?

suek said...

I find the whole thing very sad. Nobody wins in a deal like this. I hope she chooses counseling with him to see if they can't work it out. It would take time - he'd have some maturing to do, and that doesn't happen overnight - but in the end, would probably be worth it to them, to them all.

And of course, it would all be in the public eye, since the press doesn't have the decency to avert its eyes - even temporarily.

Guess we'll see...

Rosey said...

I could see a fling or two, but 14? They’re done. Counseling will be as helpful to their marriage as the stimulus was to the economy.