Friday, December 25, 2009

Reagan's Christmas Address To The Nation, 1981

One of President Reagan's best speeches, given to the nation in 1981.

For those of us who've forgotten, this is how a real leader speaks and acts.Listen closely.

Note especially his concrete support for the freedom of the Polish people as opposed to a certain other more recent occupant of the White House's lack of support for the same thing in Iran.

And notice also how the entire speech is full of phrases like: "we" and "us" and "Americans".. and then take any speech of Obama's and count all of the "I's" and "me's".


But I have no doubt better days are coming.


louielouie said...

the difference, which ff fails to recognize, is that reagan was a leader, hussein is a deity.

Unknown said...

Please.....for a couple of reasons

1) Gasp! He's reading a teleprompter!
2) He talks "tough" against USSR's iron fist on Poland but where is the concern/disdain for those suffering under American-backed juntas in Central America? Africa? Southeast Asia?

Freedom Fighter said...

Hello Jim,

(1) I'm not concerned about the teleprompter as much as I'm concerned about what was said.Or in Obama's case, what wasn't.

If you'll watch the speech again, President Reagan's actually announcing action he's opposed to Obama's little remark about invading Pakistan with two brigades ( 6,000 men!##!) during the campaign...which definitely comes under the heading of 'talking tough.'

(2) With his backing of the Contras,his defeat of the attempted communist takeover of Grenada, his trade policies with Latin America and his backing of the democratically elected government in El Salvador against the Cuban backed communist FMLN insurgents, Ronald Reagan did more for freedom in the region than almost any other US president.

As opposed to Barack Obama, who has actually alienated friends of ours like Honduras, Columbia and Brazil. Not to mention other US allies around the globe.