Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Sensible Advice From Bill Maher

Via Twitter:

"Guys, I can tell u what to do about this security thing: just ask 'what wld Israel do?' and do that."

Unfortunately Bill, your friend Barack Obama would never do that in a million years. He'd rather you keep risking your life than take a chance of offending Muslim sensibilities.


Dymphna said...

Bill Maher is so smart. I can tell because he said what I've been ranting at the Baron for years. Generally, my solution is:

"Let's copy the Israelis. Especially those interviews with people who are trained to evoke and recognize the tiny, fleeting facial gestures that give it away, no matter how cool and/or psychopathic you are".

My favorite anecdote from readings about Israeli airport security is when they went thru the baggage of a sweet young thing who had her baby with her. In the process of questioning her, they asked who'd packed her bags for her. Turned out to be her boyfriend who was also her baby's father. Daddy was --you guessed it -- of the Arab persuasion.

That was enough for security: they slit the lining and found the explosives that were devised to go off in mid-air.

Never did find a sequel to the story, but I sure hope that girl took the next plane, sans any clothing, and disappeared because that was her only hope of survival from then on.

Yep, competent airport security is definitely WWTID -- What Would the Israelis Do?

Freedom Fighter said...

Hi Dymphna,
I hope you, the Baron and the Future Baron are all doing well.

For a more in depth look at what the Israelis do, you might find this interesting.

It also contains a bit more detail about the incident you mentioned.

Happy New Year!

Rosey said...

I too have been saying as much since 9/11. But to be fair, Bush-whacker didn't pull it off either. He left us with burger flippers that feel up grandmas from Poughkeepsie, while waiving on terrorist look-a-likes. We need profiling.

Anonymous said...

Why would anyone listen to bill maher (not capitalized on perpase. He is an idiot.