Friday, December 18, 2009

Obama Does Copenhagen..And Flops

Prez Zero showed up in Copenhagen in the middle of a blizzard to try and salvage the Global warming revival, and by all accounts it was a huge fail.

He was reduced to empty platitudes and lecturing the Chinese about getting with the program, which is comical in itself. Since when does somebody rant at someone they owe $800 billion to?

Needless to say, the Chinese, in between laughing behind their hands at Zero are adamant about opting out.

Additional comedy gold - TOTUS was apparently sick and couldn't make the trip, so Obama is reading from notes here, Normally, with his stereo TOTUS, his head swivels mechanically from side to side, which is funny enough. This time, there's an additional movement down to the podium that makes the president look for all the world lie one of those drinking birds you buy in novelty shops. Give yourself a good chuckle going into the weekend and watch this the first time for a couple of minutes with the sound off...I dare you not to laugh.

Even funnier was his threat to take that $100 billion Hillary Clinton promised third world despots to cope with climate change off the table if China and India didn't bend over.

Obama has quadrupled our national debt, with no end it sight. We're $12 trillion in debt, with a $1.4 trillion dollar deficit. And Obama thinks he's going to borrow more from the Chinese to bribe these people with?

Remember..carbon knows no borders. Even if the junk science this whole movement was founded on is correct, the 'carbon' the EU and US bankrupt themselves not producing will more than be made up by developing countries who want to grow their the net effect on 'reductions' is z-e-r-o.

It's simply a wealth transfer to the third world and a sovereignty transfer to a bunch of faceless UN bureaucrats.

And that's no laughing matter.

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