Monday, December 14, 2009

Today's Must Reads, 12/14/09

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  • Rasmussen: Obama Approval falls to 44%

  • WSJ : Two Key Senators Cast Doubt On Healthcare Plan

  • Breitbart :Lieberman resists Medicare buy-in plan

  • The Hill :Senator Thune - This Week Could Decide Outcome Of Healthcare Debate

  • AP: Dems Plan Nearly $2 Trillion Debt Ceiling Hike

  • Jennifer Rubin/Commentary : Did Reid Kill ObamaCare?

  • WSJ : The 'Cost Control' Bill of Goods - How Peter Orszag and the White House sold a health-care illusion

  • Mark Steyn:Once more from the top, Barack!

  • Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion :Palin's Turning Point

  • Con Coughlin/WSJ: Obama Gives Britain the Cold Shoulder

  • London Times Iran's Explosive Deceit

  • Rep.Ileana Ros-Lehtinen:Hit Iran where it hurts

  • BBC :Copenhagen climate summit suspended by walkout

  • Dana Goldstein, The Daily Beast: Iran's New Crackdown On Women

  • London Times:Secret Documents Expose Iran's Nuclear Trigger

  • The Hindu :The Global reach of Pakistani terrorism

  • Russian Military Reform :Russia's Dying Navy

  • Jihad Watch: New pics reveal Hamas-linked CAIR's backstage media coordination in Rifqa Bary case

  • AP News: Iran to try three Americans who strayed across border

  • Gates of Vienna: The Primary Source of European Anti-Semitism

  • Caroline Glick:Narcissists and Madmen

  • Daled Amos
    Goldstone, I too am a war criminal

  • London TimesNetanyahu nears moment of decision on Iran

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