Saturday, December 05, 2009

It's Official - Lebanon Is Hezbollah

The Lebanese government has 'decided' that Hezbollah is now a legitimate part of Lebanon's armed forces and as such, are officially going to be allowed to keep their arms.

I put 'decided' in scare quotes because Hezbollah virtually has veto power now over anything the Lebanese government does, especially with Hezbollah ally and Syrian tool Michel Suleiman installed as the Lebanese President. That means Iran and Syria are calling the shots, and Lebanon is a virtual colony.

For their part, Hezbollah have already rearmed and are quite open about the fact that there will be another war.They aren't bringing in all those rockets from Iran for nothing, and now claim they can hit Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

Meanwhile, the US continues to cheerfully supply arms to the Lebanese military, just as if they had nothing to do with Hezbollah. And US President Obama is having Lebanese President Suleiman over to the White House - and I guarantee you that Suleiman's reception will be quite different that Israeli PM Netanyahu last meeting with Obama, hustled over without protocol for a quick chat in the back of a van.

One thing I guarantee you that Obama won't discuss with Suleiman is the Lebanese government's blatant violation of two Section 7 UN Security Council resolutions, 1701 and 1559 both of which mandate that all groups in Lebanon except the army be disarmed.

But then, the UN isn't going to bring the matter up either, are they?

For Israel's part, defense Minister Ehud Barack was quite open about the fact that this new policy on the part of Lebanon's goverment means that Israel will consider any attack on Israel by Hezbollah as an attack by Lebanon and react accordingly.

For my part, I expect another war there by the summer...and likely sooner than later.

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