Saturday, December 12, 2009

Palin Tops Shatner on the "Tonight Show"

Actor William Shatner has a comedy bit he's been doing for awhile that he performed on Conan Obrien's 'Tonight Show' where he reads selected passages of Governor Sarah Palin's best selling "Going Rogue" to a beat music accompaniment for big yuks.

So who did Conan Obrien bring out right afterwards with Shatner's autobiography in her hands who got an even bigger laugh by doing the same thing right back at him? None other than Governor Palin!

Of course this was a setup and Shatner knew all about it,but it was still fun to watch.

One of the traits I find endearing about Governor Palin is her lack of pretension or an inflated sense of herself - especially when you compare her to some other prominent political figures I could name.


B.Poster said...

Mrs. Palin's lack of pretension or an inflated sense of herself is something I like about her to. I think this is something taht alot of people probably like about her.

Now with all of this said I don't understand the big deal about her. She holds no political office nor does she hold any position within the RNC. As the RNC is currently constituted, she has absolutely no chance of getting the nomination for any office any where or at any time.

For her to run for any office the make up of the RNC would need to be changed, a third party would need to be formed, or she would need to run as an independent. If she runs as an Independent, she would not have the backing of any major party which would pretty much doom her candidacy from the start.

I thin we and the media need to focus more on persons who have a legitimate chance of getting nominated for office or actually being elected. Mrs. Palin does not fit this mold. Wht so much attention? Its baffling.

Of one thing I think we can be certain, her character is of the highest moral caliber and must be above reproach. More time and effort has been spent investigating Mrs. Palin and her family than has been spent on any person in American history. They could find nothing of significance. I don't think this would be the case with most people, if this much time, money, and energy were spent investigating them.

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