Tuesday, June 05, 2012

America's Eyes Are Focused On Wisconsin

Today, Wisconsin goes to the polls, and it's an historic election. It's quite appropriate that its' happening on the anniversary of the Battle of Midway, which turned the tide in the war against Japan.

Governor Scott Walker is being threatened with a recall for one reason and one reason alone. Because he's a Republican, because he had the temerity to actually win and because he decided to keep his promise to the people whom elected him.

That involved dealing with a $3 billion plus budget shortfall by taking on the Ponzi scheme in Wisconsin that exists nationwide to fund the Democratic party at the expense of the taxpayers,whereby public employee unions provide megabucks and manpower to Democrats and then later 'negotiate' with these same politicians for increased pay and benefits...a chunk of which later gets kicked back to the same politicians to repeat the process ad nauseum.

Walker dealt with the budget shortfall by telling the people of Wisconsin that they could either go bankrupt, endure massive layoffs and draconian cuts in state services or end the above cycle, and he passed legislation terminating public employee unions collective bargaining rights and the State of Wisconsin's automatic collection of union dues,allowing workers to decide for themselves what they wanted to do with their money.

The result was a massive temper tantrum by the Left that saw Democrat and public employee activists trucked into Wisconsin by the busload, and even saw Democrat legislators fleeing to neighboring Illinois and hiding out to stop the Republicans from having a quorum to pass a badly needed budget.

Governor Walker and the GOP finally passed a budget without them, and theresult was to turn a $3 billion deficit into a $150 million surplus, without having to resort to layoffs, an unemployment rate well below the national average and increased funds for the public schools.

Governor Walker's reward was to be targeted by the unions and Wisconsin Democrats for a recall election.

Today's election pits Milwaukee mayor Tom Barrett against Governor Walker, and the campaign has been extraordinarily vicious one, with personal attacks on the governor and his children, phony rumors of a forthcoming indictment and a widespread but totally bogus report that he pressured a girlfriend into an abortion..something that was refuted by the woman in question when she pointed out that her old flame was Scott A. Walker, an entirely different person.

Out of state activists have again swamped Wisconsin, and millions in union money has gone into this campaign, but Walker has held his own as people around the country have realized what's at stake here...and even more importantly, the people of Wisconsin have.All the polls on average show him ahead by 6 points plus.

If the Left loses here, it is a turning point that will give other governors the courage to do what Scott Walker has done. That's exactly why the Left will do everything in its power fair or foul to see that doesn't happen, because this is more than just an election..it strikes at their entire modus apparendi, the very heart of how they do business at the public's expense.

As I reported previously, the Obama Justice Department is already in place with over 400 lawyers in heavily Democrat areas like Milwaukee and Madison to, shall we say, regularize irregularities. Wisconsin allows same day registration and has no requirement for photo IDs so activists are being bussed in from other states to vote in these areas. Madison originally reported a 119% turnout, later modified to a mere 96%, something without historical precedent.

The Democrats are already saying that no matter what the final results are, we can almost count on a long, drawn out legal challenge to the election results and a recount. Wisconsin law says that a free, mandatory recount happens if there's a difference of .05% in the votes, but the Democrats can and likely will pay for a recount if the difference is more than that. And I would also predict that the Obama Justice Department will likely weigh in with a suit charging 'vote suppression'.
Remember, ever if they get laughed out of court or get socked with financial penalties for bringing a bogus lawsuit ( which has happened a number of times) the American people are paying the bill. They have nothing to lose.

Put simply, Walker is going to have to win not by above the margin of error, but above the margin of fraud.

Another prediction - if Scott Walker , Wisconsin's Lieutenant governor and Wisconsin's state senators win, the Left and their media lackeys will trumpet it as a fluke, as no big deal. If Barret wins, they will praise it as a stunning victory for progressivism and a sign that Barack Obama is all but assured a second term.

As I write this, with 60% of the precincts counted, Scott Walker is ahead 57% to 42%, and Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch and the other GOP senators are likewise ahead by decent margins.

Stay tuned....

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