Tuesday, September 30, 2014

First Ebola Case Found In USA ..And Some Facts On Symptoms and Prevention


Well, given our refusal to enforce our borders and the amount of people coming in illegally every day without health checks, this had to occur sooner or later. This patient, in Dallas, Texas had recently traveled to Liberia.Th eCDC is racing to identify everyone he may have had contact with.

Expect other diseases we thought we'd never see again to surface as well, especially in the public schools.And via the 3,000 U.S. troops our president unwisely sent there.


Airports apparently have no way to screen for Ebola, and of course simply forbidding Americans to travel to the stricken countries or quaranteening those whom return from them upon entry to America, the way a sane country would handle an epidemic disease for which there is currently no vaccination or cure is, you know, politically incorrect.

Instead, the CDC is issuing guidelines to funeral homes, with all that implies.

A decent basic primer on Ebola symptoms and some good tips on prevention can be found here.

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