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Forum:What's Your Favorite Sport, And Your Least Favorite? Why?

Every week on Monday morning , the Council and our invited guests weigh in at the Watcher's Forum, short takes on a major issue of the day, the culture, or daily living. This week's question:What's Your Favorite Sport, And Your Least Favorite? Why?

The Colossus of Rhodey :My favorite sport to watch by far is professional football. I've been a Rams fans since 1972 (when I was seven), and they remain the ONLY team I truly care about. When they won Super Bowl 34, I actually cried. And when they lost Super Bowl 36, I cried again (because they were actually a much better team than the SB 34 crew, but stupid Mike Martz, dammit!).

My current favorite sport to play is golf. But back in the day, when I was a lad, it was basketball. Up until my late 20s, I routinely played b-ball with my buddies at local parks and gyms until we were completely exhausted.

My least favorite sport to watch professional basketball. I used to love it back in the day (was a huge 76ers fan when Dr. J and Moses Malone brought home the championship), but now it's home to selfish hot dogs who can't play defense and who care only about the ESPN highlight reel on offense.

 The Independent Sentinel : My favorite sport is nothing and my least favorite is everything. I'd rather watch old movies or play my guitar.

 JoshuaPundit: I rarely watch sports, but when I do I tend to be interested in sports I participated in and/or fancy I know a little something about. So the ones I can watch for awhile without boredom tend to be limited to baseball, soccer (my letter in High School), boxing  some of the other martial arts or some of the more esoteric games like Lacrosse, Hurling or Aussie Rules..which I know very little about but have their entertaining aspects. I mean, watching 15 Irishmen on each side armed with ash sticks trying to hit a small ball and do each other in? Who wouldn't enjoy watching that?

My favorite above all is baseball. Ever since I played it as a kid, I've always been attracted to the  zen aspect of it (something is always going on behind the scenes and people succeed or fail  by inches, literally) and the high degree of skill involved. It's the only sport I can think of offhand where someone who fails seven times out of ten is considered successful, and I even appreciate the rise and fall of tension and release in the game.I don't have a particular team I root for or follow, I just enjoy watching  the game. My favorite games, of course,  were watching my daughter play Blue Star Baseball and AYSO soccer as a child. She had the fury and the tools, I tell you!

Least favorite? Roundball. Basketball has always bored me silly.

Laura Rambeau Lee of Right Reason : I have never been one to watch team sports. The one sport I always look forward to watching is figure skating. I am captivated by the strength of the male skaters, the grace of the female skaters, and the synchronicity and mesmerizing beauty of the pair skaters. My least favorite sport? Golf. Enough said.

David Gerstmann :Growing up my favorite sport was baseball. From when we moved to Baltimore until I was a young adult the Orioles were always good. So it was fun to root for them. Plus, I could play baseball or softball with my peers.I'd never be the first pick in any game, but I could field well and get on base, so I wasn't the last pick either.

But from 1986 to 2012, with the exception of six good years during the 1990's the Orioles stunk. So baseball stopped being of such interest. (Though the Orioles' performance since 2012 has certainly rekindled interest in the sport!)

However lately, football has become my favorite sport to watch. I can watch it with my sons. The Ravens have been good, so their games are usually worth watching. Also, I appreciate the game a lot more than I used to for some reason.

The highlight of watching football was probably two years ago when I watched the end of the Raven / Broncos playoff game two years ago. With less than a minute left Joe Flacco hit Jacoby Jones for a 70 yard touchdown. I don't think that I've ever seen a better play.

As great as the play was though, what was even better was rooting on the team shouting with my son as the Ravens came back to force the game into overtime.

 GrEaT sAtAn"S gIrLfRiEnD : Baseball baby! Love watching it or playing it!

Methinks it's acause in the field - an opposing player faces a team. At bat - it's time for individual achievement. From some gangster movie i think...

Ask Marion : If you consider commercial dance a sport, and more and more people do, then that would be my favorite sport. The physicality and wide range of abilities required of commercial dancers is amazing. Commercial dancers can and do perform and compete in all styles of dancing from ballet to hiphop and everything in-between. With my daughter having been a commercial dancer, I spent many years in that world.

But if we are looking at the more traditionally accepted sports, then as a participant, my vote goes to downhill snow skiing. It is fun, challenging and you are surrounded by beauty. My dad was ski champion is Austria in his youth and the love for the sport seemed to be passed to me naturally, although I was never exceptional; a terminal intermediate I always say.

As for being a spectator, my husband is a fanatical sports fan; played both football and baseball and was a competitive swimmer. He loves everything, so something is always playing in the background at our house. As for me, ice hockey is my favorite spectator sport. It is exciting, fast moving and I love when the gloves hit the ice. No wimps in ice hockey!!

My least favorite sport is basketball and I can't even tell you why. It just bores me.

  Well, there you have it.

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