Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Why Glenn Beck Says Hillary Will Be The Next President

So Glenn Beck (with whom I have more than a few disagreements) is now saying that Hillary Clinton will be the next president because she will invoke the Clinton years and a golden time of peace and prosperity a Bill and Hil version of Morning in America.

And Beck thinks that any GOP candidate is going to be hard pressed to counter that.

He may have something there, but if this is Hillary's argument, it's easily shot down in a way that reveals Bill Clinton's real legacy.

Peace and prosperity? Are we talking about the ignoring of mounting Islamist terrorism after the first World Trade Center bombing? The fiasco with North Korea? The phony prosperity which created a huge stock bubble that collapsed and left a large recession for incoming President George W. Bush? NAFTA,which cost thousands of American jobs? That kind of peace and prosperity? Bring it, Mrs. Clinton.

Rush Limbaugh has another cogent argument from the past to fling back at Mrs. Clinton if she tries painting the Clinton years with fake colors.

Of course, if the GOP nominates another cautious RINO  afraid to go on the attack and counter Hillary Clinton's nonsense...

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Reaganite Independent said...

What an ill-informed dope Glenn Beck is