Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Netanyahu Caves In On Gaza Reconstruction

 Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas (right) presents a letter to UN Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process Robert Serry (left), at a meeting at Abbas's office in the West Bank city of Ramallah, on July 13, 2014. (photo credit: AFP/Abbas Momani)

The Hamas/Fatah Unity government  and the UN have apparently come up with a formula for Gaza reconstruction, and Israel has apparently agreed to it.

According to the agreement, Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinian Authority will be in charge of ensuring that the construction materials sent into Gaza for reconstruction will not be diverted to Hamas’s military efforts. 

Coordinating the plan from the UN side was none other than Hamas money-launderer Robert Serry, whom Israel should have declared persona non-grata and kicked out of the region a long time ago.

“The crisis in Gaza is far from over and the window of opportunity to address critical needs and stabilize the situation is short,” Serry warned.

The envoy appealed for action to “change fundamentally the dynamics in Gaza,” warning that “if we do not, Gaza could implode — or, yet again, explode — possibly with a new and even more devastating round of violence.”

Israel agreed to the UN proposal to put the PA in charge of overseeing Gaza’s reconstruction under the auspices of the UN.

Maj. Gen. Yoav Mordechai, who's in charge of the IDF’s interaction with Palestinian authorities, was quoted as saying that this new agreement would allow Gaza’s reconstruction to go forward while securing the security interests of Israel.

'Securing the security interests of Israel?' How, exactly? Ironically, on the day the Israelis agreed to this, a mortar shell was fired from Gaza into the Eskol Council area in southern Israel.

Abbas and his PA thugs are almost guaranteed to look the other way while their Hamas partners purloin whatever they need to rebuild the tunnels and the rest of their terrorist infrastructure.

PM Netanyahu and Defense Minister Ya'allon have just given up their prime bargaining chip for Israel's main strategic goal with Hamas.

Here's how this should have worked.


"Oh hello Mr. Serry, have a seat. Oh, so this is what you and Mahmoud Abbas came up with? Let's have a look."

"Hmm, this seems OK..but there's something missing. When is Hamas going to disarm and turn its missiles and mortars over to us? I don't see anything here about that."

"Oh that's to be negotiated later? Ummm, no, sorry. When we find out when the Hamas disarmament happens, then we can talk about the reconstruction.In fact, I just sent off a query to your boss, Ban ki-Moon to find out how that's coming along. I'm surprised he didn't mention it."

"The rubble and destruction? Well, I understand it's upsetting to you Mr. Serry. We didn't like the damage done to our people's homes either. But it serves a purpose you know, especially if Hamas isn't going to disarm. When they start to look around them, maybe they'll think twice about attacking us again."

"But since Hamas isn't willing to disarm and since we're not getting any UN or donor aid to help our people anyway and have to pay for that ourselves, the disarmament thing is our primary goal here. We'd rather just let things sit until this disarmament question gets settled. After all, wasn't the Hamas disarmament in that UN resolution anyway?"

"Now no need to get red in the face, Mr. Serry. After all, you're on such good terms with Hamas, and I have confidence in your abilities. Why don't you talk to your Hamas friends and work out a schedule for disarmament, and then we can talk about getting that reconstruction moving right along."

"I believer you know your own way out. Keep me posted on how you're doing with Hamas, and have a nice day."

Instead of that, the Hamas/Fatah entity gets what it wants, and Israel gets..what? The right to fight the next round?

This needs to stop.Israel was never intended to be a nation of friers.


Anonymous said...

No need to wonder why Netanyahu's approval rating dropped like a lead balloon. Our PM & his side-kick Ya'alon along with too many of the upper echelons of our military, including Gantz, are spineless defeatists, as you say, suckers.

B.Poster said...

This does certainly appear to be a poor decision on the part of the Israeli leadership. When Israel does things like this, they cut the legs out from under their supporters in the US and elsewhere. After all who are we to oppose the decisions of a soverign government of an allied country who has never harmed us?