Monday, September 15, 2014

Guess Who Else Just Refused To Help Obama Fight ISIS?

This is getting embarrassing.

The Obama Administration sent out a request to - wait for it - Iran for help in fighting ISIS through the Iraqi ambassador.

And Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei's reply?

No, no way, not interested in the least.

That actually surprised me at first, since at first glance the U.S. taking out ISIS would appear to aid Iran in their own ambition...putting together a nuclear armed Shi'ite bloc including Iraq, Syria. Lebanon and Iran. But Khamenei is obviously weighing the president's non-strategy and probable failure against cooperating with the Great Satan and decided it was better to bow out. I can understand that, from Khamenei's viewpoint.

The Iranians can now simply sit back, eat popcorn and enjoy the show, (and incidentally, keep the centrifuges running on their rogue nuclear weapons program)while the U.S. spends its time, blood and treasure.

As I pointed out, President Obama has no coalition at this point. The only country who has agreed to come in with any concrete and useful help are our dear friends in Oz, who always seem to be willing to stand by our side no matter what, G-d bless 'em. PM Tony Abbot has stated that Australia will send 600 advisers of their own to help fight ISIS.

Given this president's no win plan, I'm not sure how wise this is, but it's an absolutely wonderful gesture. And as anyone who served with them in 'Nam, AfPak or Iraq knows, the Diggers are superb fighting men who punch far above their weight in numbers. They will cause some serious mayhem among the jihadis.

But so far, that's pretty much it.

Some 'coalition!'


louielouie said...

uh, does this mean that mr. oblivious is gonna say that iran wants isis to win............

Rob said...

Hey, anon, I just reported on what Ayatollah Khamenei said. You denying he said it? I also came up with the likely reason why he just told your boyfriend the Bamster to pound sand.

Too bad you're umm, not bright enough to realize that Shi'ite Iran can be an enemy of ISIS and an enemy of ours at the same time.

But then, President Obama apparently isn't bright enough to realize it either, so I guess it's understandable why you continue to swallow whatever he put out, no matter what and no matter how bad it tastes.

louielouie said...

he used time as a source.....
this is mid-eastern tribal culture.
isis can be an enemy of isis.