Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Watcher's Council Nominations - Selfies Edition

There's nothing like a scandal involving celebrities, especially female ones to take the public's mind off far more serious matters, eh?

Ordinarily I wouldn't pay the least attention, but I admit that I find it a symptom of our age that fewer and fewer people ever want to take personal responsibility for anything they do. That leads to views expressed like this one, who apparently feel that the women involved are simply blameless victims of Evil Males. These women should be entitled to take naked photos of themselves, dammit!

Victims they are indeed, but with exception of a couple of the actresses involved who claim they've been Photoshopped or that they thought the photos were deleted, you can hardly say they were completely blameless. If I go for a leisurely stroll in certain neighborhoods late at night and then get robbed or worse, I'm definitely a victim, but you certainly can't say I didn't contribute to my own victimization by doing something foolish. Assaults on one's person or privacy are criminal behavior and shouldn't happen, but human nature being what it is, they do.

The always sensible Talmud teaches that a man who entices someone,even unknowingly, to become a thief by leaving money or valuables where they can easily be found to tempt him bears partial responsibility for the sin. That, by the way, does not mean that the perpetrators shouldn't be punished.

But given our modern lack of traditional virtues and the technology available, I can't help but feel that someone who takes intimate photos or videos of themselves and knowingly leaves the file on a computer or a camera or phone when the possibility of hacking always exists bears a certain responsibility if those photos go public.


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