Wednesday, September 17, 2014

No Honor Among Thieves - Fatah Accuses Hamas of Stealing Millions in Gaza Aid

In a further sign that the Hamas/Fatah entity are having their problems getting along, Fatah today accused Hamas of stealing over $700 million in aid money '“over the blood of the children of Palestine,” Israel’s NRG News reported.

Fatah spokesmouth Ahmed Assaf claimed that, during Operation Protective Edge, the Hamas’ leadership in Gaza took the money and stashed it away. And this time the money didn't come from western taxpayers for once:

“They raised funds from the Arab world in the name of the martyrs in Gaza, and on behalf of women, children and elders, and they talked about rebuilding the Gaza Strip and Israel destroyed mosques,” Assaf said in an interview with Arab media.

The Fatah spokesman insisted that Hamas’ leadership must “return the money they stole from the families of the dead and wounded refugee families whose homes were destroyed by the war,” and warned against the Islamist group “taking advantage of the circumstances of the war of destruction…”

The Arab states are notorious for making huge financial pledges to 'Palestine' and then not following through, so the fact that Hamas actually got cash in hand surprises me. But the accusation doesn't, because while Hamas is popular in the Arab occupied areas of Judea and Samaria under Abbas, they're not so popular right now with the home town crowd in Gaza, some of whom have taken some pretty horrendous risks to leave Hamas's little Islamo-reichlet.

Fatah, who has stolen far more than Hamas are merely playing politics here and posing as the 'good mafiosos' to gain some political capital. They know Hamas isn't going to return the moolah, at least not all of it.

As ousted Fatah official Muhammad Dahlan admitted, Abbas personally stole at least $1.3 billion from the Palestine Investment Fund, money Yasser Arafat skimmed off humanitarian aid and 'taxes' paid to Fatah from 'Palestinian' businessmen as a price for being allowed to operate. Abbas' sons Yasser and Tareq have similarly benefited, as have a number of other well connected Fatah cronies. Sufa Arafat still lives in her chic apartment in the best part of Paris on her 'allowance' from the PA of $100,000 per month.

 Arafat's own accountant, Fuad Shubaki sung like a bird and revealed the details behind how Arafat and his fellow thugs in Fatah skimmed aid money and stole millions.One method was the old mafia trick of no-show jobs. Gullible western donors paid the salaries of PLO government employees for years who simply didn't exist.One audit revealed over 30,000 of them on the PLO payroll.

The 'Palestinian' leadership even had its greasy fingers on things like valuable medicines donated to the Palestinians by groups like OxFam, the International Red Cross, the EU and the UN (and of course, the American taxpayer).

For years, senior Fatah officials controlling the aid distribution made a bundle by systematically stealing the medicines and replacing them with worthless placebo pills, and then taking the real medicines to warehouses in Ramallah and Shechem(Nablus) for sale at premium prices on the black market.

'Palestine', you see, is the most successful con game in history.

The $700 million Hamas sticky fingered will be used as one of the bargaining chips in the next mob style sit down between Hamas and Fatah, with Fatah working on negotiating a cut for themselves.

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