Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The EU Caves On Hamas

While the European Union is avoiding upgrading ties with Israel, legitimizing the genocidal murderers in Hamas looks to be just around the corner.

Today, in the EU statement on Mideast policy, they avoided reiterating the traditional formula based on the Roadmap that called for Hamas to to forswear terrorism, recognize Israel or accept previous PLO agreements with Israel. This has always been a part of such EU declarations in the past:

Government sources in Jerusalem said France led the efforts to keep what has become known as the Quartet's three conditions on Hamas from being included in the European Council's conclusions on the Middle East peace process

Instead, the statement said the foreign ministers expressed "continued encouragement for inter-Palestinian reconciliation behind [Palestinian Authority] President Mahmoud Abbas and support for the mediation efforts by Egypt and the Arab League."

The foreign ministers called "on all Palestinians to find common ground, based on nonviolence, in order to facilitate reconstruction in Gaza and the organization of elections."

The Obama Administration is right behind the EU in this regard, what with pledging almost a billion dollars for Gaza that will enable Hamas to use its funds to train fighters purchase weaponry to kill Jews instead of spending it on doing anything for the people of Gaza. And that doesn't even count the money we're giving Abbas or the millions of US tax dollars spent on the army we're arming and training for Abbas under general Keith Dayton.

And according to General Dayton unless the Israelis decide to commit national suicide by giving in to all of the Palestinian's demands, they could rebel...or in other words, they'll simply turn their weapons on Israel, something Abbas has eluded to a number of times . Which is exactly what Abbas' old boss Yasir Arafat did before with the 'security forces' and weapons we gave Fatah.

Even Cwazy Unkie Jimmy Carter is back in the act.After meeting with his pals in Hamas, he's on the way to talk to President Obama about taking these murderers off the US terrorism list..

What this is about, of course is legitimizing Hamas just like the PLO was legitimized.And while Arafat had to lie between his poisoned fangs and make a few promises he never had any intention of keeping in order to get anointed as a 'peace partner' and get that western aid money rolling in, Hamas will probably not even have to go that far.

For the EU, it's a matter of politics and trying to keep the streets quiet. France, for instance, has a population of over 4 million Muslims and growing and perhaps half a million Jews. In the UK, it's about 2.75 million Muslims to something like 250,000 Jews, if that much, a ration of ten to one. In Belgium, the ratio of Jews to Muslims is about the same as in the UK.

EU politicians want the votes, especially the socialists. And while they're sure the Jews won't riot if they take an anti-Semitic stand, they know the Muslims will if they're too openly friendly towards Israel.

Europe made a decision a long time ago to trade 6 million Jews for 50 million Muslims.It's a choice with consequences they may yet live to regret.

And Barack Hussein Obama? With him, it's a matter of his background, his history and his personal ideology.

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