Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Oooh, Oooh, Looky! We Found Us A Rightwing Nutcase!

It took some time,but the Obama Administration and the Angry Left finally have their Rightwing nutcase poster boy to flesh out that ridiculous Department of Homeland security report by Janet Napolitano.

He's Scott Roeder, who murdered famed abortionist Dr. George Tiller over the weekend. Judging by the responses from the Obama Administration and their lackeys in the dinosaur media, you'd think that Roeder was Osama bin-Laden personified and that Dr. Tiller was Albert Schweitzer.

Attorney General Holder immediately announced that he was sending federal marshalls to protect abortion clinics throughout the country, as though Roeder was part of an ongoing , organized jihad instead of an isolated nut case. Much has been made of Roeder's connection's to the anti-abortion group Operation Rescue. After all, he posted on their message board...and he actually had the publicly available office phone number of Cheryl Sullenger, the senior policy adviser for Operation Rescue who was *! gasp!* convicted of conspiring to bomb an abortion clinic over twenty years ago.

I guess conspiring to bomb something is less acceptable than actually doing it if you have a wealthy family to get you off and are a good pal of the current occupant of the White House.

I use that word jihad advisedly, by the way. On the same day the story about Tiller being murdered broke, there was another story about a home grown jihadi, a convert to Islam being arrested after firing on a recruiting station, killing one soldier and seriously wounding another. The White House has yet to issue a statement on that one, and I don't see US marshalls fanning out to protect the nation's recruiting centers.

Can you imagine how that one would play out in Berkeley?

As for the media, they're ignoring the recruiting center sniper story for the most part, just as they've always mostly ignored numerous other violence and attempted terrorism by home grown jihadis.

But Dr. George Tiller? To hear the press talk, the late Dr. Tiller was a saintly, heroic character rather than an unapologetic, brutal man who bragged about specializing in late term abortions. He made millions penetrating healthy, near full term babies' heads with a surgical knife, vacuuming their brains out, collapsing their skulls and pulling them out of the womb.

And while the dinosaur media would never infer that shooting a couple of soldiers, sniping at infidels in DC or plotting to attack Fort Dix, Brooklyn synagogues or a Jewish community center has anything to do with radical Islam here at home, Scott Roeder is, of course, a direct symbol of all the right wing crazies out there that need to be suppressed.

Am I excusing what Scott Roeder did? Nah. It was murder, plain and simple, and he deserves to swing for it if he's found guilty.

But I can't help noticing the discrepancy here. By his own admission, the late Dr. Tiller was responsible for killing almost 30,000 babies. And while that carnage wasn't illegal , the idea that the perpetrator was somehow a heroic and decent man makes my flesh crawl.

Funny thing...whenever violent jihad rears its head in our society, we're constantly assured by the very same sort of folks who are lionizing George Tiller today that while the terrorism is to be condemned, we have to look at the underlying causes. After all, these people have grievances, and you have to understand their rage.

But you could say exactly the same thing back at them about Scott Roeder.

As for me,I'm not a fan of murder - no matter who commits it.

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B.Poster said...

Great post!! I couldn't agree more with what you wrote.

Ignoring Johadists as we seem to do is very dangerous. Will we continue to ignore them until they destroy an American city? I certainly hope and pray not.