Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Obama's Lying Stimulus Math: The Real Numbers

PoliticalMath crunched the numbers on Obama's claim that the stimulus 'saved 150,000 jobs using data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

I love the 'saving jobs' bit. leave it to Obama's team to come up with a 'statistic' that can't be verified and makes a nifty media soundbite. But the real numbers tell a different story.

Back in February, Obama claimed that if his stimulus bill wasn't passed,(you know, the one nobody in Congress was given a chance to read) we'd lose 13,492,000 jobs and have an unemployment rate of 8.7%. According to the Prevaricator-in-chief said back in February, the stimulus was supposed to save over a million jobs with a loss of only 12,251,000 jobs and a 7.9% unemployment rate.

The real numbers? The latest figures on unemployment puts the total at 14,511,000 jobs lost with the stimulus, and an unemployment rate of 9.4%.And that's likely conservative.

To put it another way as Politicalmath points out in graphic form above, the US actually lost over a million more jobs more with the stimulus than if we had done nothing!

What the president is doing is ignoring the fact that his predictions in the past were horribly inaccurate and simply moving ahead with new predictions. The big difference is that his new predictions can’t be judged against any set of objective reality. He is pitting the actual universe in which the stimulus bill passed against the imaginary universe in which it did not pass. Not surprisingly, the imaginary universe is worse that the real universe and the result is that the President is a hero for saving us from that imaginary universe.

Their predictions were not just kinda wrong. They were horrifically, disastrously wrong. If President Obama is going to use statistics and charts to push nearly $800 billion in spending, I think we should be able to expect his numbers to at least kinda match the reality that comes out of his policies.

At the very least, I’d like to know how his team got those numbers. More importantly, I’d like to know how they have changed their method of prediction.

I think the answer is that the so-called stimulus was never intended to save jobs or fix the economy, but to plunder the nation's wealth for the benefit of his political allies and to bring the American people to a point of desperation so that they will continue to give up more and more of their liberty in exchange for increasingly more meagre government handouts. Thanks to having what amounts to almost a government controlled media, he's gotten away with it so far.

Barack Obama is talking about another stimulus as I write this to pay for his bogus health care scam, and talking about taxing company provided health benefits as income, a European style Value Added national sales tax, a general Federal tax increase or a combination of all three to pay for it all.

We haven't even begun to see the worst of this yet.

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