Thursday, June 18, 2009

Senator Menendez Makes A Stand On Israel

Joshua's Army member Zeb G. sent me a link to this speech Senator Robert Menendez ( D-NJ) made on the Senate floor on June 16, 2009. In thirteen minutes, the Senator rebutted the key parts of President Obama's shameful nonsense in the president's Cairo speech about Israel in superlative fashion and summarized why the US alliance with Israel is of major importance to both countries.

It's a speech that deserves to be spotlighted, and it's an indication that something may be going on under the surface.

Senator Menendez has been a senator from New Jersey for a long time, and like most successful politicians he has his ear to the ground. New Jersey has a large and active Jewish community and if the senator is publicly challenging the Obama narrative on Israel in this fashion, it's because he's hearing from his constituents, and I would bet he's particularly hearing from older Jews who support Israel but who vote Democratic out of long habit and are waking up to the kind of 'change' they endorsed on November.

In short, the natives are restless, and with good reason.

Bob Wexler, Ira Foreman and the other Lefty Jews who lied through their teeth about Obama's pro-Israel stance have a great deal to answer for.

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Rosey said...

I found this speech, surprising and uplifting. Surprising because Menendez is a left winger with all that goes along with it. He is in favor of open borders and government giveaways. Uplifting because a lefty is finally defending Israel, for what reason I'm not sure...

He has not been "a senator from New Jersey for a long time," by the way, he was appointed 3 years ago by Gubna Corzine to fill his vacated senate seat after Corzine purchased his job as governor.

Menendez was however a high ranking congressman, and was actually elected to that post by the people of NJ, so I guess his appointment was not egregious.

Despite my disdain for him, I am pleased with the content of the speech. I wonder if anyone one was listening.

I have to agree with you FF, that "something may be going on under the surface."