Friday, June 05, 2009

Hillary Clinton: 'Israel, Bush administration had no agreement over settlements'

US Secretary of State Hillary confirmed something that's become all too obvious. While the Obama Administration is insisting that the current Israeli government keep its prior committments,even committments the Israeli cabinet never signed on to, it has no intention whatsoever of honoring its own to Israel.

When Israel first accepted the US Roadmap during the Bush Administration in 2003, Ariel Sharon and the Israeli Knesset accepted it conditionally, appending it with a letter to President Bush that outlined 14 additional reservations and conditions.

President Bush later acknowledged those reservations by promising in a letter written to Sharon on April 14th, 2004 that the US would recognize existing demographic realities and understood that Israel would retain the large blocs of Jewish communities near Jerusalem and in the Jordan Valley as part of any final settlement.This was supposed to be a quid pro quo to Sharon in exchange for pushing the Jews of Gaza out of their homes.

Even more telling, President Bush assured Sharon that the US would only support the Road Map and no other plan, since it was in accordance with U.N. Security Council Resolutions 242 and 338, not the Saudi 'peace' ultimatum Obama is so thrilled about. The US also guaranteed Sharon that they would see to it that Gaza did not become a security risk for Israel.

When Secretary Clinton says there was 'never any agreement', she's simply lying . As a matter of fact, Elliot Abrams, who actually was in the Bush Administration as deputy National Security Advisor confirmed that in the Washington Post.

Clinton, of course, is just passing on a message from her new boss.She has no power at State and has been reduced to being a messenger girl.

Based on this blatant dishonesty, the Israelis would be justified in pulling out of the Roadmap entirely, but they're apparently keeping their powder dry for now.

However, this should put them on notice that any agreements they make with Obama are subject to hope n' change without notice.And not worth a damn.


B.Poster said...

"Pulling out of the roadmap entirely." Now you're talking, or in this case writing. From the very beginning, I thought the road map was a horrific idea for Israel and a bad idea for America. In fact, when the road map was first introduced I stated that this plan "needs to die." The settlements that Israel gave up were a vital buffer between them and Islamic terrorists. I pointed out that without these settlements that Israel would be harder to defend. Sadly I've been proven. right.

If America violated an agreement it made with any foreign country except Israel, the American and world news media would howl with rage against the "treacherous, imperial Americans," yet when an agreement with Israel is violated the media is silent. This is clear hyprocissy on the part of the media or something much worse.

B.Poster said...

If the United States made an agreement with any other country and then violated it, the American and World media would howl with rage against the "imperialist", "treacherous", American government. Now when an agreement reached between the Israeli and American governments gets violated by the American government the media is virtually silent. At best, this is inconsistent behavour on the part of the media. At worst, this is blatant hypcrissy on the part of the Aemrican and World news media.