Saturday, June 06, 2009

Watcher's Council Results, 6/05/09

The Council has spoken! A complete rundown of the voting tallies is here.

The winning entry in the Council category this week was Omri at Mere Rhetoric for Abbas: Olmert Offered Us The West Bank And The Right Of Return, But It Wasn’t Good Enough , a fine exposition on how the Arabs 'negotiate' with Israel.

In second place was Wolf Howling, who uncovered A Bit Of Honesty From Speaker Pelosi

Also getting votes were Joshuapundit for Race Carding Sotomayor, The Provocateur for Wade Rathke’s Management Council , Bookworm Room for Murderer or Martyr — the George Tiller killer , The Colossus of Rhodey for Yet another reason why the News Journal is sinking , The Glittering Eye with Progressives Aren’t Liberals, and Right Truth for Know The Enemy and Destroy Him .

In the Non-Council category, the winner was Michael J. Totten in Commentary for The Mother of All Myths .

In second place, we had a three way tie between Chris Muir's Day by Day Cartoon for Amusement Park , the first time a cartoon has ever won; Spengler in the Asia Times Online for Wrong venue for Obama’s Muslim speech , and Megan McArdle in the Atlantic for The War On The War On Abortion .

As always, congratulations not only to the winners but to the participants.

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