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Watcher's council Nominations, 6/25/09

The Watcher's Council is a group of some of the most incisive blogs in the`sphere. Every week, the members nominate two posts each, one of their own and one from outside the group for consideration by the whole Council.

So, let's see what we have this week....and do check out the Watcher's fine take on what I suppose we'd call President Obama's predilection for honesty issues...

Joshuapundit - Obama’s Press Conference: The Fiction Starts To Crack- My rather pungent analysis of President Obama's recent press conference. Remember, I gave him a chance....

The Provocateur - Too Good To Check: How the Conservative Media Unwittingly Smeared ACORN and Handed Them a Gift - Mike Volpe continues his fine series on ACORN by showing how an error prone dinosaur media helped them avoid getting hammered..and actually helped them.

The Razor
- Iran and the Seasons of 1989 - Scott compares Obama's handling of Iran to President George HW Bush's handling of Tienanmen Square.I'm not sure I agree with him here.

For one thing, China was a nuclear power that was not directly at war with the US as Iran is ( they have been in an official state of war with the Great Satan since 1979)and an intervention in 1989 would have caused a lot more problems than it would have solved. As ex-Ambassador to China and a former VP, Bush '41 was well aware of that. If one wants to accuse Bush '41 of political cowardice, his encouraging the Shi'ite and Kurds to rise against Saddam Hussein and then doing nothing to support to them as they were slaughtered, or his treatment of Israel during his term are far better examples.

Secondly,the Chinese protest was an actual pro-democracy movement. What's going on in Iran as I see it is a power struggle between two groups of Iranian fascists. There are far better reasons to confront Iran than to put people like Rafsanjani and Mousavi in power.

Rhymes With Right - NY Times Buries Important Detail In Promoting Another Law Limiting Second Amendment Rights - Greg details yet another attempt by the Obama Administration to disarm us peasants - and how the New York Times lied about it.

Wolf Howling - Obama On Iran: A Broken Moral Compass, A Distorted Perception Of Reality - GW likewise has some harsh things to say about President Obama's stance on Iran - particularly his insistence on keeping negotiations open.

The Glittering Eye - Thought Experiment: the Great De-Leveraging How will the US economy react as a whole to the current economic morass? That's Dave Schuler's topic this week.

The Colossus of Rhodey - Why does the Left accept the legitimacy of “elected” dictators so quickly … Hube asks the question....

Right Truth - The Fence Sitter - Debbie Hamilton takes time out from her recovery to delight us with her characterization of President Obama's basic style. Get well soon,Debbie.

Soccer Dad - The njdc’s ledge The 'NJDC' Soccer Dad is talking about is the New Jersey Democratic Coalition, who along with others played a major part in convincing Jews that Barack Obama was pro-Israel and continue to shill for him.

Creeps like Iran Foremen, Robert Wexler and Sylvia Silvermen are going to have a lot to answer for in the future - especially as there are indications that a number of America's Jews who allowed themselves to be bamboozled by these folks are waking up.

Bookworm Room - An Open Letter to the Iranian People - Ms. Bookworm has decided that if the Obama Administration won't stand up for the Iranian people, she's going to. The sentiment does her honor.

Mere Rhetoric - It’s Official: Obama Policy Triggers “Most Tense Encounter” In Years Between US And Israel (Plus: Can You Guess MR’s Blind Item?) Omri also deals with the Obama Administration's attempt to destroy the long standing alliance between America and Israel.


Submitted By: The Provocateur – National Review - Misremembering Reagan

Submitted By: Joshuapundit and Rhymes With Right- Dry Bones - Obama’s 3 AM Phone Call

Submitted By: Wolf Howling – Roger Pielke Jr.’s Blog - Obama’s Phil Cooney And The New CCSP Report

Submitted By: The Glittering Eye – Christopher Badeaux / The New Ledger - Through the Looking Glass With Andrew Sullivan

Submitted By: The Colossus of Rhodey – Oliver Kamm - Reaching out to ‘the Muslim world’

Submitted By: Right Truth – AP – AINA - Unrest could hinder Tehran’s regional goals

Submitted By: Soccer Dad – Instapundit - Why worry about an EMP attack?

Submitted By: Bookworm Room – The Futurist - Eight Ways to Supercharge the US Economy

Submitted By: Mere Rhetoric – Christopher Hitchens - Persian Paranoia

Submitted By: The Watcher – Michelle Malkin - Who’s funding the Obamacare Astroturf campaign?

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