Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Obama Administration Wants Settlement Freeze To Include Jerusalem

The US State Department confirmed to day what I've been telling you from day one.Obama is not just invested in prohibiting Jews from building homes in Judea and Samaria (AKA the West Bank. He's including Jerusalem in the area he wants to see judenrein:

Jewish neighborhoods in east Jerusalem are included in the US demand that Israel halt "settlement" construction, including for natural growth, State Department spokesman Ian Kelly told The Jerusalem Post during a press briefing on Monday.

"We're talking about all settlement activity, yes, in the area across the line," he said, referring to neighborhoods in Jerusalem over the Green Line, or pre-1967 armistice line, in response to a question on where America's calls to halt construction in the settlements would be applied.

Even so, Kelly had no immediate reaction to the Ministry of Housing and Construction's inclusion in the draft 2009-10 state budget of funds for the capital's Jewish Har Homa neighborhood or for one in the West Bank settlement of Ma'aleh Adumim. {....)

The Obama administration had not officially clarified its position on Jewish neighborhoods over the Green Line but within Jerusalem's municipal boundaries, but the Netanyahu government had been working under the assumption that US officials' call to halt even natural growth in the settlements did not refer to neighborhoods in the city, according to high-placed government officials.

Kelly's comments Monday, however, made clear that Jerusalem was included, suggesting that efforts to finesse the disagreement could be further complicated.

"Complicated" isn't the word. It should be clear to the Israelis that the Obama Administration is looking for a confrontation with Israel. I use the old Nazi term 'judenrein' ( clean of Jews) deliberately, because that's just what the disciple of Jeremiah Wright and Louis Farakhan is advocating. He's not saying a word about stopping illegal Arab construction in these areas. Our supposedly 'post-racial' president essentially seeks to make all of Judea, Samaria and East Jerusalem restricted neighborhoods...no Jews allowed

Obama is seeking this confrontation with Israel deliberately. Aside from his opposition to Israel on ideological grounds, Barry Zero sees the Jews of Israel as an easy target, compared with dealing with actual threats to the US like Iran or North Korea.

The Israelis ought to understand if they don't already that Obama has decided to throw them under the bus in favor of allying the US to the Muslim world and pandering to Islamist anti-Semitism.

America's Jews should wake up from their stupor and realize this too. Some of them may not realize it, but the Obama administration's animus towards Israel directly affects them too, in ways they can't even imagine.


B.Poster said...

A confrontation with Israel is not one that America can win. Its military is worn down, its economy is deeply struggling, and its national debt is massive. These factors make it impossible for America to sustain a confrontation to the point that America would have any chance of being successful. As such, America should be looking to avoid conflicts rather than to get into them. Even if America had the physical capability to prevail in a conflict with Israel which it does not, such a confrontation would be almost guaranteed to incur the wrath of God on America, its leaders, and its citizens.

What America should be looking to do right now is a policy of strict neutrality. It should not involve itself in the Arab/Israeli conflict. This is a matter best left to the Isralis and the Arabs to solve. It is none of America's business.

Also, America should be looking to extricate itself from South Korea. There to is the potential for another conflict that America cannot possibly win. There are number of other examples where America is involved in places where it should not be. First and foremost the economic and military situations, as well as the deficit crisis make it all but impossible for America to prevail in any of these areas. Also, it really isn't our business.

While I love America and would not want things to come down to a conflict with Israel, Israel should act in its own best interest. If America's leadership wants this conflict, Israel should give it to them. Perhaps a broken nose and America will get the message. If this does not work, then a broken leg. If America still doesn't get the message, then a broken back might do the trick.

I've heard the old term, "YANKEE GO HOME!!" Sadly in this case the term may be accurate, however, "YANKEE GO HOME OR WE'LL SEND YOU HOME IN BODY BAGS" may be the best saying to this matter. America cannot prevail in a conflict with Israel right now. Its leaders would be wise not to try.

At least in the Middle East, the real enemies are Saudi Arabia and Iran. America might be able to prevail in a conflict with Iran only IF it had substantial help from "allies." As for Saudi Arabia, the same would apply. Many countries buy oil from Saudi Arabia. As such, they would likely oppose an American efforts here as well. If America's leaders are wise, they will seek to avoid conflicts, especially those they can't possibly win.

As for conflicts America cannot possibly win, this would be pretty much any conflict with any of the major world powers right now. Its military is worn thin, its struggling economy and massive national debt make it impossible to sustain for America to sustain any conflict long enough to win.

Anonymous said...

I agree but more so that we now know Obama is a Paper Tiger. All growl and no dentures.

Keep doing what your doing Israel.

Just because the Democrats have thrown your State under the bus, you have 80 million conservative Christian Americans on your side and your going to need em after 80%of your constituants voted for the Paper Tiger, however JStreet and the Ezra Klien's, et al., are on thier own. They have no home on either side of the isle and are in denial as I write this.

No matter, we conservatives support the State of Israel and always have.

Freedom Fighter said...

Oh, I think a number of American Jews are beginning to wake up and smell what they were sold.

The problem was that there are a lot of elderly Lefty Jews like my mother who are Democrats for Life and simply couldn't believe how they were lied to by people like Ira Foreman, Robert Wexler and the shills above that you mention until it was too late. A lot of them know better now, hopefully.

America's Christians have always had Israel's back, as I know only too well. Heroes like Pastor John Hagee, Gary Bauer an dtheir congregations and organizations have been incredibly courageous in defending Zion and they are exactly the sort of people I want on my side.