Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Obama's 'Emergency' Press Conference

The One is scheduled to do an 'emergency' press conference at about 12:30PM EST today. The scare quotes around 'emergency' are because I doubt Barry Zero planned this one too far in advance. His poll numbers on things like ObamaCare and a few other items are slipping badly, so he's likely going to try to shore things up before the big ABC infomercial tomorrow night.

What we'll hear will likely be a stew, containing:

  • healthcare is in crisis, need for comprehensive action, blah blah.

  • It's time to take action on global warming ( and pass cap n' trade, which will skyrocket energy prices and destroy another huge chunk of America's economy..umm, I don't think he'll say that last part).

  • I support peaceful protest in Iran, but I condemn the violence, just like I said ( well, as of Saturday, anyway).

  • The economy is turning around, but you gotta give me a little more time because this was all Bush's fault. Pay no attention to the teleprompter behind the podium...I am Obama, the wise and powerful Wizard of Oz!

I think that will pretty much cover it.

More later...

1 comment:

louielouie said...

i am sure ff will point out how persumptuous it is, of myself to take offense, on behave of the people of Oz for ff derogatory use of their fare city by associating it with hussein.
how dare you?
what have you got against munchkins?
in what way/manner have they offended you, to wish such a travesty upon them?
now if you said hussein was the wise and powerful Wizard of San Chicago. you would be killing three birds with one stone as i see it. insults to all three.