Monday, June 08, 2009

Sarah Palin, In Evanston Indiana

For your enjoyment Governor Sarah Palin's speech at the Vanderburgh County Right to Life banquet in Evansville, Indiana. It starts a little slow, but do yourself a favor and stay with it.

Now that she has a little bit of experience on the front lines, she's even better than she was during the campaign...polished, personal, positive, able to poke fun at the horrendous treatment she received at the hands of the media and above all, able to connect with this audience in a startlingly intimate way.As my wife remarked, she comes across like someone who's been to the supermarket before trying to figure oput if her budget would stretch to buy a little something extra for dinner.

Although in her case, she's probably just go out and shoot it herself if she wanted it that bad...

We are witnessing the making of a master communicator and political figure in the making. As peopl get to know her and realize that she's nothing like the cartoon character the media portrayed, she's going to present a strong alternative to people fed up with Obamanomics. She could be tough to beat if she decides to go for the White House in 2012.

Hat tip, Lem at Hillbilly White Trash


louielouie said...

uh, where's the teleprompters?

Freedom Fighter said...

You don't need 'em when you speak from your heart.

GW said...

I am having a computer problem and can't watch the videos at the moment, but one of the things Palin needs to do is start weighing in on the foreign policy issues. If she can establish credibility as being knowledgable, she will rise in the ranks quickly, I think. I still remember in her head to head with Biden when she let him get away with a whopper on Lebanon - one that could and should have been a game changer. Oh well. I like her. She is so much like
Reagan in so many ways its impossible not to, really. Here's hoping she puts in the extra effort over the next few months.

Freedom Fighter said...

I concur, GW. Though it's importsnt to remember that Reagan didn't have much in the way of foreign policy creds when he first ran...that was part of the reason GHW Bush was his VP.

However, check out her FOX interview with Hannity. She definmitely nibbles at the foreign policy area.

She has an upcoming book that will likely be a bestseller and will probably address some of the fp issues a bit more.