Monday, June 22, 2009

ObamaCare For You - but Not For Congress

President Obama's new health care debacle has an interesting little glitch...while ordinary citizens will have to put up with rationing, taxes on employer-provided benefits and long waits for care, Congress, Federal employees and their families are going to be exempted and keep the sweet deal they have now! Pam at Atlas has the story..

ObamaCare specifically exempts members of Congress along with federal employees; the exemptions are in section 3116. If nationalized medicine is good enough for us then they have have to suffer as well.

What makes this scam on the American people all the more Obama-disgusting? Who could forget when Obama was telling everyone he wanted the people to have a health care program just like Congress has? Remember that? But Congress knows it's crap: it exempts itself and federal employees from it.

The US is becoming more like the old USSR, where the only good jobs are government jobs and the only way to get something done is to have a "friend" in the government. The USSR or Chicagoland gangsta politics.

ObamaCare? It's for the little people.Our Democrat overlords wouldn't be caught dead with it - literally.

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