Thursday, January 20, 2011

Analyzing 'Palinoia'

James Taranto of the Wall Street Journal appears to have coined a new word for the American lexicon to explain the almost psychotic fear and hatred of Governor Sarah Palin:

Why does their hatred of her burn so hot?

Ask them, and they'll most likely tell you: Because she's a moron. But that is obviously false. To be sure, her skills at extemporaneous speaking leave much to be desired. But that can be said of a good many politicians on both sides of the aisle, including George W. Bush, John Kerry and, yes, Barack Obama. And don't get us started on the man who defeated her for the vice presidency.{...}

They say she is uneducated. What they mean is that her education is not elite--not Harvard or Yale, or even Michigan or UCLA. They resent her because, in their view, she has risen above her station. {...}

Professional jealousy and intellectual snobbery, however, only scratch the surface of the left's bizarre attitude toward Palin. They explain the intensity of the disdain, but not the outright hatred--not why some people whose grasp of reality is sufficient to function in society made the insane inference that she was to blame for a madman's attempt to murder Rep. Gabrielle Giffords.

This unhinged hatred of Palin comes mostly from women. That is an awkward observation for us to offer, because a man risks sounding sexist or unchivalrous when he makes unflattering generalizations about women. Therefore, we are going to hide behind the skirts of our friend Jessica Faller, a New Yorker in her 30s of generally liberal politics. Over the weekend, she wrote us this analysis of Palin-hatred, which she has generously given us permission to quote:
I am starting out with a guess that this stems from her abrupt appearance on the national scene during the McCain-Obama race. She appeared out of nowhere and landed squarely in a position of extreme attention and media power. Her sex appeal might not have been as much of an issue had she been a known entity with a tremendous, watertight political résumé.
Even lacking that, her sex appeal might not have been such an issue if her demeanor on the campaign trail had been more, well, conservative. But here is this comely woman, in a curvy red suit, giving "shout-outs" during the debate with Joe Biden, giving controversial interviews without apology, basically driving in there, parking the car, and walking in like she owned the place.
I'm not saying it's a bad thing. But she couldn't have pulled it off if she were a gray mouse in a pantsuit, and because the devil in the red dress wasn't orating like a professor, it roused an unquenchable forest fire of rage and loathing in the breasts of many women, perhaps of the toiling gray mouse variety, who projected onto her their own career resentments and personal frustrations.
I am amazed at how people still abhor her. I personally do not. I don't feel she would be a good choice to run this country, but she does not deserve the horrific treatment she gets. I can tell you, being privy to the endless, incendiary rants this past week about her, coming from hordes of liberal women--age demo 25 to 45--they rip her to pieces, they blame her for everything, and the jealousy/resentment factor is so clear and primal. I've never seen anything like it.

We'd say this goes beyond mere jealousy. For many liberal women, Palin threatens their sexual identity, which is bound up with their politics in a way that it is not for any other group (possibly excepting gays, though that is unrelated to today's topic). {...}

What about male Palin-hatred? It seems to us that it is of decidedly secondary importance. Liberal men put down Palin as a cheap way to score points with the women in their lives, or they use her as an outlet for more-general misogynistic impulses that would otherwise be socially unacceptable to express.

Liberal women are the active, driving force behind hatred of Sarah Palin, while liberal men's behavior is passive and manipulative. In this respect, feminism has succeeded in reversing the traditional sexual stereotypes. If this is the result, you have to wonder why anyone would have bothered.

I think James Taranto is on to something here,but I'd take it even further. Leftist women hate Sarah Palin because many of them hate their own lives.

Many of them married metro-sexual, compliant males, had one or perhaps two children late in life after going through grad school, drudge at a job many of them secretly resent or feel is beneath them, have perhaps even been recycled via divorce for a younger model or had an abortion or two...and this was always the way they were taught feminism worked,the way it was supposed to be.

Along comes Sarah Palin, with five kids and a masculine husband who obviously adores her, looking gorgeous and being successful, winning the game on her own terms and turning the entire feminist meme inside out.I mean, she even had the nerve to give birth to a Down's Syndrome child and love him instead of resorting to a convenient abortion.

Hating her is so much easier than taking an honest look at their own lives and beliefs and the choices they've made. No one likes to admit they were badly fooled.

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Independent Patriot said...

Couldn't have said this better myself.

Except one point- anyone who says she is not Presidential material has forgotten to look at Prez Zero. But Reagan was able to rebuild American postion in the world after Carter and whomever is the President after him will also be able to reset the political stage. Whether or not it is Palin remains to be seen, but practically anyone would be a better choice except Pelosi or Reid or left wing nutroots and no Nazis.

Rosey said...

Wow that's really harsh. I have no idea if its true, but it's certainly logical. I think many women have discovered the hollow promise of feminism. Even my wife, who was never a feminist speaks of it. She cooks and sews and stays home with the kids. But it wasn't always that way. She worked in banking, and the stress wreaked havoc on her body. So that's why they hate Palin? Hmmm. But what about the men? They hate her too. And of their own accord. Of course the same people hate Beck, O'Reilly & co. I think it's just current leftard narrative, hate all those on the right and call them dumb. BTW, does the left think Biden is a genius?