Sunday, January 09, 2011

Must See Interview: Melanie Phillips On Israeli TV

Simply the truth, unadorned.And she's spot on about why Israel is losing the information war...

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Anonymous said...

She is a brilliant, articulate woman, & sadly she is vilified & ostracised in her own country. Academia, both there & here, is a Bedlam. The ivory towers of tertiary education have not the old-fashioned green ivy sprouting on them & thriving, but, rather, poison ivy.


B.Poster said...

Your article on why Israel is losing the information war was timely and spot on. I've observed America is also losing the information war for much the same reason America is losing it. In many of the areas where you have the words "Jews" or "Israel" the words "American" or "America" could be inserted and the statement would be just as accurate. With that said, while the situations both countries face is simillar, they are not identical but the solution is pretty much the same for both countries. Go on offense and quit strictly playing defense.

In the case of Israel's leaders, there I think there is a fairly good chance they will actually change to an offensive as opposed to a strictly defensive mindset. In the case of America, I'm not so sure.