Monday, January 17, 2011

The Climate Of Hate Surfaces Viciously in Chicago

This is a first hand report on how widely the climate of hate has spread...even to President Obama's home city. I will leave it to Donald Sensing to provide the horrific details. Ask yourselves, do we really want this happening in America?:

Climate of hate in the Windy City
You should have known something like this was going to happen. The vitriol and anger in our nation's sports talk has never been harsher - and we may as well face it: most of it is coming from Chicago Bears Fans.

So today a squad of violent men, emboldened by the climate of hate in Chicago towards any of "Da Bears'" opponents, committed murder. Murder most foul. They killed the Seattle Seahawks' chances of playing in the Super Bowl. The Seahawks were sent to their football grave. The Bears beat them - beat them, mind you - 35-24.

The Bears, urged to their lethal deeds by radio commentators and fans, were merciless. With quarterback Jay Cutler at the helm, the mayhem they committed upon the hapless Seahawks was relentless. This is what sports has come to, fellow Americans: open combat instead of friendly competition.

Seattle tight end John Carlson was so badly mauled by a Chicago defender that he had to leave the game after being beaten nearly senseless. He was diagnosed with a concussion. So was teammate Marcus Trufant.

Chicago's climate of hate instigators
"I heard some Chicago fans yelling, 'Hurt him!'" Carlson told reporters afterward. ""They were shouting, "Kill 'em' and 'get him, get him!' It was clear to me that the Bears were simply doing what their fans told them to do. They even had uniformed women on the sidelines actually helping people cheer the Bears on to more violence."

Trufant added, "Yeah." Both men were admitted to the hospital where they will remain overnight. Seattle Coach Pete Carroll was very upset at the brutality meted upon his players.

"There has been a climate of hate building here in Chicago against us all week long," he said after the game. "It started with that sports talk radio figure - you all know who I mean - saying that he hoped the Bears would just destroy us. A caller said the Bears should show us no mercy. Another said he wanted the Bears to crush us. Now I've got two men in the hospital. With all the harsh language and vitriol in this city, it's no surprise that things turned out the way they did."

This reporter contacted the White House to get Chicago native President Obama's reaction.

"They brought a knife to the fight," the president responded through a spokesman. "We brought a gun. It's the Chicago way."

Once the game ended, Daily Kos founder Markos Moulitsas tweeted, "Mission accomplished, Sarah Palin."

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louielouie said...

and on a totally unrelated note, hookers form the city of dallas, have erected (yeah you got that right) billboards just outside of all major city airports that read, "all you 'hos stay out of our town for the next three weeks".
nfl spokes people were unavailable for comment regarding sanctioning of the dallas hookers' action.
i wonder if monkey boy will sober up long enough to participate.

Freedom Fighter said...

Love it! You go, girls..stake out that turf!

Can you send me a picture of one of the billboards? I'll post it>