Friday, January 14, 2011

LATMA's Latest - SOTA Israeli Political Satire!

A few crib notes for the uninitiated..

The 'former Iranian citizen' pictured in the story about the so called 'spy ring' is Israeli politician Shaul Mofaz, who attempted to tale over the Kadima Party from Tzipi Livni( an ex-Mossad agent) and was slapped down.

The vulture was actually arrested by Saudi security forces as an Israeli 'spy' - no joke!

Dov Weinglass was/is ex-PM Olmert's attorney during his corruption trial, which is where the joke about Weinglass's relationship with the devil being 'protected by attorney-client privilege' comes from.

What Jamil and Awad in their skit are talking about is a Knesset bill that would investigate Israeli NGO's (non-governmental organizations)and ban them from receiving foreign financial support(Many of Israel's frankly seditious Leftist NGO's are funded by the EU).

Finally, the last shot in the horror movie trailer 'Peace IV' is a picture of Israelis murdered by Palestinian terrorists during the Oslo 'peace process'.


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