Friday, January 14, 2011

Michael Steele Announces He Will No Longer Seek To Head RNC

It's official - Michael Steele has withdrawn his candidacy to head the Republican National Committee after four rounds of balloting.

I have only one question - why now?


Steele exits after destroying the RNC's brand name among major donors. He started with a war chest of something like $24 million and leaves the organization something like $20 mil in debt, much of it wasted supporting Steele and his pals' five star lifestyles and paying for outings in places like bondage-theme nightclubs.

His failure to put together a ground game in crucial states like Colorado, Arizona and Nevada cost the GOP at least two senate seats and probably a minimum of five in the house. Steele was a self-promoting jive artist with a stoo-pid mouth. He was never anything but what Democrat operative Donna Brazile said he was, an affirmative action hire that didn't work out - to say the least.

It's long past time for him to go find someone else to pay his bills.

What the RNC needs is a political strategist who will stand behind th escenes, is expert at putting together a political ground game where it counts and can convince donors and the rank and file that there;s a new sheriff in town.

If the GOP hires another clueless loudmouth vampire like Michael Steele to head the RNC, they'll deserve what happens to them.


B.Poster said...

"Why now?" I think Mr. Steele and the Republican leadership are up to something. There's really only one major of agreement between the Republican leadership and Democrats. Both of them hate the tea party and they both hate Sarah Palin with a special passion.

By resigning this frees up Mr. Steele to write his "tell all" book attacking the tea party, Conservatives, and especially Mrs. Palin. Of course this will all be encouraged at the highest levels of the Republican party.

Perhaps its a bit off topic but I really don't get the media obsession with Sarah Palin. She hold no public office nor does she hold a position within the RNC. She is merely a politcal commentator and an author. She holds no influence over the setting of American policy nor does she have any input in what the agenda of the RNC is or will be.

Puzzled is my middle name said...

What the Leftists see is a pro-life, conservative woman - in their view, a REAL woman is a LIBERAL who's had an abortion - who connects well with the American people. They are terrified of a female Reagan who might be able to convince Democratic woman voters to vote Republican. They instinctively know their survival is at stake if Sarah Palin becomes POTUS.

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