Monday, January 24, 2011

Rahm Emanuel Tossed Off Chicago Mayoral Ballot

In a surprise move, the three-judge Illinois Appellate Court issued a ruling that ex-Obama Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel is not eligible to run in Chicago's mayoral election because he doesn't meet the residency requirements.

The Court ruled that Emanuel did not meet the requirements to run because he wasn't actually residing in the city of Chicago for a year prior to the election as municipal law requires, although he had been paying property taxes on his Chicago home while renting it out during his time in Washington. The court defined the word "reside" to mean that the potential candidate has to actually live in the city to qualify for candidacy.

This reversed a lower-court decision that had given Emanuel the OK to run, and it's particularly awkward because Emanuel is the current front runner and has already raised over $10 million for his campaign...much of it from out of state.

The case goes next to the Illinois State Supreme Court on appeal...and the election is set for February 22nd.

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louielouie said...

this is news?
hell, this isn't even a crisis.
somebody's gonna wake up with a horses' head in their bed.
10 million.
front runner.
this is funny, sorta.

Garry said...

Goodbye RE! We'll miss you ;-(